Actor Yoo Ah-In’s Drug Allegations Surface

Actor Yoo Ah-In is currently under scrutiny for alleged misuse of propofol and purportedly influencing a YouTuber to consume marijuana.

On November 2nd, recent reports shed light on the specifics surrounding Yoo Ah-In’s legal indictment. The actor faces formal charges for repeatedly using unauthorized drugs like propofol, midazolam, ketamine, and remimazolam.

The indictment details suggest that Yoo Ah-In administered approximately 9.6 litres of medical-grade propofol. This is across 181 instances in 14 distinct medical facilities over a two-year duration.

The document further indicates his consumption of 567 milligrams of midazolam, 10.7 millilitres of ketamine, 200 milligrams of remimazolam, and an acquisition of 1,150 sleep-inducing tablets through 44 separate transactions, allegedly using an alternate identity.

Furthermore, Yoo Ah-In faces accusations of encouraging others to partake in drug use, presumably to divert attention from his habits. A YouTuber, known as ‘A’, saw Yoo Ah-In consume marijuana, and the actor allegedly persuaded ‘A’ to try the drug.

Although ‘A’ was initially hesitant, the actor allegedly advised ‘A’ to inhale deeper when ‘A’ pretended to smoke. Speculations arise that this act was a strategy by Yoo Ah-In to deter ‘A’ from reporting him, given the presence of the drug in both their systems.

A senior judicial official from the Seoul Central District Court commented that while there’s indirect evidence pointing to Yoo Ah In’s recommendation for ‘A’ to use marijuana, the clarity on whether he instructed ‘A’ on the consumption method remains ambiguous.

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