Jungkook of BTS Sets Hanteo Record with Solo Album GOLDEN

BTS’s Jungkook has achieved a remarkable milestone with his debut solo album. Within 24 hours of its launch, GOLDEN has set an unprecedented record on the Hanteo Chart.

Released on November 3 at 1 p.m. KST, GOLDEN and its lead single Standing Next to You have taken the music world by storm. Hanteo Chart reported that by day’s end, the album had sold an amazing 2,147,389 copies. This makes GOLDEN the first-ever solo album to cross the 2 million mark on its release day.

Breaking Records and Setting New Ones

Jungkook’s GOLDEN not only established a new benchmark for first-day sales of any solo album in Hanteo’s history but also surpassed the record for highest first-week sales in a single day. The previous records were held by V, another BTS member, with his album Layover registering 1,672,138 first-day sales and 2,101,974 in its debut week.

In the broader context, including group albums, Jungkook joins an elite list, becoming the fourth artist to achieve over 2 million first-day sales. This list features BTS, SEVENTEEN, and STRAY KIDS.

A Personal Touch for the Fans

In a gesture that resonated deeply with ARMYs globally, Jungkook included a personal letter in GOLDEN. This letter, proof of his bond with his fans, offers insights into his journey and aspirations.

Jungkook’s Message to ARMYs

In GOLDEN, Jungkook shares his emotions and vulnerabilities. A highlight for fans is a heartfelt note from the artist. The letter reads:

“Greetings, it’s Jungkook. ‘Golden’ marks my solo debut. While I didn’t have a set plan, releasing my first single ‘Seven’ set things in motion. I’ve always been on the move, focusing on the present rather than pondering perfection. As I embarked on my solo journey, everything fell into place. The album might have its flaws, but it’s a reflection of my current best. I promise to evolve and showcase an improved version of myself.”

He extends his gratitude to all contributors and emphasizes his commitment to growth. He concludes by expressing his deep appreciation for ARMY, pledging to work diligently and shine brighter in the future.

The Dance Challenge

Jungkook took time out to shoot a dance challenge for Standing Next To You with TXT’s Yeonjun, Huening Kai. Check out the video below.

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