RED VELVET’s Chill Kill Album Mesmerizes with Dazzling Designs

The excitement is palpable as fans eagerly await the launch of RED VELVET’s third studio album, Chill Kill … Scheduled for release on November 13. As the release date approaches, the group has been unveiling a series of teasers, amplifying the anticipation.

The visual theme for Chill Kill is turning heads, with fans expressing admiration for its blend of dark undertones and traditional motifs, setting the stage for the group’s comeback.

A Glimpse into the Album Versions

RED VELVET recently showcased the designs for five distinct versions of the physical album, reflecting the meticulous efforts of their creative team. Check out RED VELVET’s stunning third studio album, Chill Kill below:

Special Version: This edition stands out with its inclusion of a stylish bag accompanied by beautifully crafted accessories.

Package version: Drawing inspiration from traditional Korean artistry, this package version features mesmerizing watercolour-like illustrations.

Photobook Version: This darker-themed version focuses on featuring photographs of RED VELVET members, offering fans a closer look at their favourite idols.

Poster Version: This version, resembling the photobook edition, will enthral fans with exclusive group posters.

SMini Version: Compact and chic, this version is designed for portability, making it a perfect accessory for fans on the go.

RED VELVET’s Chill Kill showcases their dedication to providing fans with a comprehensive creative experience.

The album blends music, art, and tradition, positioning itself as a memorable addition to the K-pop landscape. Mark your calendars for November 13! Fans and music enthusiasts can expect a harmonious blend of melodies and visual artistry on this day.

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