Castaway Diva Episode 3 – Recap and Review

Episode 3: Cooler Box VS Drone

In Episode 3 of Castaway Diva, a poignant flashback reveals Mok-Ha and Ran-Joo contemplating ending their lives. Mok-Ha, on a cliff’s edge, plunges into the sea, while Ran-Joo stands tearfully atop a hospital roof. Fate intervenes; Mok-Ha spots a floating cooler box, prompting her to resurface, and Ran-Joo decides against her drastic step.

Before Their Paths Crossed

The narrative transitions to a time before their meeting. Lee Seo-Joon is at a press conference discussing his company’s future when he receives a distressing suicide note from Ran-Joo. Following the announcement of the company’s rebranding to “Rhythm & Joy Entertainment,” a desperate Ran-Joo contacts Seo-Joon, seeking employment due to her prolonged work drought.

Ran-Joo’s Turning Point

Seo-Joon proposes a local gig, which initially upsets Ran-Joo. However, she’s taken aback when he alludes to her living conditions, realizing her fan-turned-landlords disclosed her residence in a half-basement apartment. Subsequently, these landlords evict her, forcing her to pack her belongings for the event.

Rising from the Ashes

Unbeknownst to Ran-Joo, this event would pivot her life’s trajectory as her performance garners significant social media attention. Bo-Geol later attempts to liaise with the event’s manager but faces rejection. Concurrently, Ran-Joo learns of Mok-Ha’s harrowing ordeal and admires her resilience.

Unearthing Old Memories

Castaway Diva Episode 3 review and recap: Ran-Joo and Mok Ha

Distraught by her agency’s mistreatment, Mok-Ha confronts Ran-Joo about a video sent 15 years prior. Ran-Joo acknowledges its receipt and her anticipation of their meeting in Seoul, which never transpired.

Revelations and Realizations

After Eun Mo-Rae was selected in Mok-Ha’s stead, Ran-Joo played a pivotal role in catapulting her to fame. Woo-Hak is taken aback upon learning of Eun Mo-Rae’s prominence, realizing the life she leads could have been Mok-Ha’s, which deeply upsets him.

Defending Loved Ones

Upon parting ways with Ran-Joo, Woo-Hak’s frustration boils over, accusing Ki-Ho of not doing enough to support Mok-Ha 15 years ago. While Mok-Ha is initially upset about Ran-Joo’s treatment by her agency, her ire shifts towards defending Ki-Ho when Woo-Hak criticizes him.

A New Dawn

Castaway Diva Episode 3 review and recap: Mok-Ha finds a reason to keep on living in the most unlikely of places.

Unexpectedly, Ran-Joo returns, requesting a ride back to Seoul since her manager and the van are needed by Eun Mo-Rae. That evening, Bo-Geol discovers Ran-Joo and Mok-Ha staying in his rooftop room. He finds them dancing joyfully to Ran-Joo’s songs. Woo-Hak, surprised by Bo-Geol’s nonchalant reaction, follows him downstairs. Ran-Joo praises both men and marvels at Mok-Ha’s survival on the island. Mok-Ha shares her near-death experience, saved by the unexpected discovery of a cooler box with ramyeon. The simple pleasure of the noodles made her cherish life’s unexpected miracles.

Facing Challenges Head-On

Ran-Joo wakes up the next day, recalling the wild events of the previous night she shared with Mok-Ha and the parents of the two men. She remembers her promise to mentor Mok-Ha and arrange an audition for her. However, a call from Seo-Joon interrupts her memories. She remembers drunkenly calling him the night before about Mok-Ha’s audition and now pleads with him to honour the request, expressing regret for her actions.

Strategizing for Success

Seo-Joon reluctantly agrees to a brief 15-minute audition. Ran-Joo, trying to lift the mood, celebrates the opportunity with Mok-Ha, who hides her feelings and joins in.

When Ran-Joo and Mok-Ha arrive at the entertainment company, they notice the company’s name has changed. During their meeting, Seo-Joon dismisses Mok-Ha’s singing and suggests that due to her age, she would be better suited as Ran-Joo’s manager.

Overhearing this, Mok-Ha is devastated but finds hope in Ran-Joo’s drunken promise: if Ran-Joo achieves 20 million album sales, she’ll become the agency’s major shareholder. Realizing Seo-Joon’s sabotage attempts stem from this threat, Mok-Ha decides to become Ran-Joo’s manager to help her reach the sales target.

As they strategize, Mok-Ha discovers they need to sell 84,731 albums to achieve the goal. Bo-Geol, understanding the situation, offers to feature Ran-Joo on his show, marking the start of their journey.

That Night

Castaway Diva Episode 3 review and recap: Mok-Ha sings a song inspired by Ki-Ho.

Back home, Mok-Ha tries various methods to restore Ran-Joo’s voice. Ran-Joo then reveals that her song That Night was inspired by Ki-Ho, who had once asked her to look out for Mok-Ha. This revelation moves Mok-Ha to tears. She later sings passionately, hoping to find Ki-Ho. The episode concludes with Mok-Ha waiting at a rendezvous point set by Ki-Ho, anticipating his arrival.

Oppa’s Thoughts

Castaway Diva Episode 3 review and recap: Ran-Joo and Mok Ha having fun

Castaway Diva stands out among K-dramas, as it doesn’t resort to unnecessary side character subplots to enhance a weak main storyline. Instead, it masterfully focuses on the lead characters and their challenges, captivating viewers throughout. The engaging pace combined with the authentic bond between Mok-Ha and Ran-Joo ensures a delightful watch.

Park Eun-Bin brilliantly portrays the endearing and innocent Mok-Ha, while Kim Hyo-Jin delivers a stellar performance as the complex diva, Ran-Joo.

Castaway Diva is now streaming on Netflix with Episode 4 airing on November 5.

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