SM Criticized for Treatment of NCT DREAM’s Jaemin

NCT DREAM’s recent fan signing event in Qingdao was eagerly anticipated by their Chinese fanbase. However, the event took an unexpected turn due to an incident with SM Entertainment’s staff. This lead to concerns about Jaemin’s treatment.

Discrepancies in Member Treatment

NCT DREAM’s Jaemin looked visibly frustrated during parts of the fan event.

During this gathering, fans observed a noticeable difference in how Jaemin was treated compared to other members … Specifically Jeno and Jisung. While the latter two sported fan-gifted headbands and accessories, Jaemin was conspicuously devoid of such items, leading to speculation and concern.

Fans Share Their Observations

Eyewitness accounts from the event revealed that, although fans had brought gifts for all seven members, staff members singled out Jaemin’s gifts, preventing him from receiving them. This was further corroborated by one of Jaemin’s prominent fansites, which recounted their experience of the staff confiscating multiple headbands intended for Jaemin.

Fans Rally in Support of Jaemin

The incident did not go unnoticed. Fans expressed their dissatisfaction with SM Entertainment, launching hashtags #JaeminDeservesBetter and #SM_BeFairToJaemin to spotlight the issue and demand fair treatment for the idol.

The situation underscores the importance of fair treatment for all artists, regardless of their agency or group. Fans worldwide continue to monitor the situation, hoping for a positive resolution and equal treatment for all NCT DREAM’s members and Jaemin.

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