G-Dragon Undergoes Investigation Over Drug Allegations and Clears Preliminary Test

G-Dragon, the renowned member of Big Bang, recently made a voluntary appearance at the Incheon Metropolitan Police Department in light of the allegations surrounding his suspected drug use.

This move came after his legal team announced his intention to cooperate fully with the drug crime investigation team. On November 6th, G-Dragon firmly stated, “Claims about my involvement in drug crimes are baseless. I am here to unveil the truth.”

When probed about changing his hair colour, he clarified, “I never did that.” Throughout the process, G-Dragon has consistently refuted all drug-related allegations.

After a comprehensive four-hour investigation at the Nonhyeon Police Station, G-Dragon was questioned about the outcome of the preliminary drug test. He confirmed, “It came out negative.”

It’s worth noting that G-Dragon was officially charged under the Narcotics Control Act on October 25. Despite the charges, he has maintained, “I have never used drugs,” and has shown unwavering commitment to the investigation, even offering to share any pertinent information.

When asked about his association with a Gangnam entertainment establishment amidst the controversy, G-Dragon responded, “We’ll have to wait and see.”

He also addressed claims made by a manager from the establishment and a doctor … Both of whom allegedly provided drugs without charge, by stating, “They are not related.”

G-Dragon also took a moment to comfort his fans amidst the turmoil, assuring them, “Don’t worry excessively. I will complete the investigation and return.”

Recent news reports that the entertainment sector is experiencing an increase in drug investigations, and they are also examining actor Lee Sun-Gyun. Reportedly, Lee Sun-Gyun claimed that a female manager of an adult entertainment venue “deceived him into using drugs.”

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