SEVENTEEN Faces Backlash Over Fan Tribute Gifts

K-pop idols often present “tribute gifts” to their fans during promotions as a token of gratitude. Idols like BTS’s V have set high standards with their thoughtful gestures. K-pop group SEVENTEEN recently presented their fans with … 2 cans of Kimchi.

At his ‘VICNIV’ fan meeting, V gifted fans cookies shaped like his beloved dog, Yeontan, accompanied by a heartfelt note.

SEVENTEEN Faces Backlash Over Fan Tribute Gifts: BTS V
Fan Tribute Gifts from BTS’ V

Other idols, including Stray Kids, Sunmi, NCT 127, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER, have also shown appreciation with gifts like lunch boxes, doughnuts, and homemade treats.

Fan Tribute Gifts from BTS’ Jungkook
A personal touch by TXT
Fan Tribute Gifts from STRAY KIDS

Now Everyone Can Have Kimchi

However, Seventeen’s recent tribute gift raised eyebrows. Fans received two cans of kimchi, promotional items from a famous Korean kimchi brand.

The situation escalated when Seventeen’s Hoshi posted a picture on Instagram, featuring a large box of the same kimchi, expressing his gratitude to the brand.

Netizens were quick to express their disappointment:

  • “If they’re sponsored, why not make something personal for fans?”
  • “With over 5 million album sales, all fans get is promotional kimchi?”
  • “Hoshi’s post seems tone-deaf.”
  • “Is this a marketing strategy? It’s laughable.”
  • “This isn’t a tribute; it’s blatant advertising.”

SEVENTEEN’s fans have consistently supported the group financially. Their recent mini-album, FML, sold over 6.2 million copies, setting a new K-pop record. Their upcoming album, Seventeenth Heaven, already has 4.67 million pre-orders, overtaking FML‘s 4.64 million.

Considering the WeVerse price for Seventeenth Heaven at ₩20,700 (approx. USD16.43), the group has generated approximately USD76,728,100. Yet, the tribute gift was promotional kimchi cans… we can understand why fans are less than impressed.

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