Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 10 – Recap and Review

In the gripping tenth episode of Strong Girl Nam-Soon, a series of events unfolds that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The episode commences with Geum-Ju being urgently transported to a medical facility, with Gang-Su, an associate of Shi-Oh, discreetly observing the situation. Shi-Oh, from his workspace, contacts Gang-Su to ascertain Geum-Ju’s whereabouts and instructs him to complete their undisclosed mission.

Deception and Alliances

Nam-Soon, witnessing the unfolding events, feels powerless. As Gang-Su attempts to drive away, his vehicle unexpectedly halts. Upon inspection, he discovers that his tires have been sabotaged with darts. Concurrently, Hee-Sik reaches the hospital, coinciding with Joong-Gan’s efforts to admit her spouse.

Nam-Soon, in a strategic move, feigns allegiance to Shi-Oh. She confronts him about his intentions, questioning if he has employed her for lethal purposes. Shi-Oh, in turn, challenges her capabilities, to which she affirms her competence.

Within the hospital’s confines, Joong-Gan communicates with Geum-Ju via voicemail, recounting the recent events involving their father, Guk-Jong. A medical professional informs her of Guk-Jong’s impending surgery and confirms Geum-Ju’s hospitalization.

Upon entering Geum-Ju’s room, an emotional Joong-Gan encounters the distressing sight of her heavily bandaged daughter. However, in a twist, Geum-Ju contacts her, revealing her well-being and the fact that the injured individual is merely a decoy.

The Mysterious CTA4885

Flashbacks provide insights into Geum-Ju’s strategy to manipulate Shi-Oh into making errors while ensuring her safety. In the present, a relieved Nam-Soon receives assurance of her mother’s safety. However, she remains resolute in her quest for retribution against Shi-Oh. Her pursuit of an item labelled CTA4885 leads her to Ms Baek, who directs her to Manager Heo.

The narrative progresses with Nam-Soon’s discovery of the mysterious CTA4885 at a warehouse, police investigations into a drug’s effects, and Geum-Ju’s intricate plans to ensure her safety.

The episode progresses by testing relationships, unveiling secrets, and forming alliances. The episode culminates with Nam-Soon’s tense encounter with Shi-Oh, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

That wraps up our recap and review of Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 10.

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