Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 9 – Recap and Review

Episode 9 – The Root of Vice

The ninth episode of Strong Girl Nam-Soon opens with a thrilling scene: Nam-Soon, disguised as a ghost, makes a daring escape from Shi-Oh’s office, clutching a computer.

As she leaps out of a window and dashes down the street, Young-Tak and Hee-Sik race to catch up in their vehicle. When Hee-Sik finally locates her on a bench, he chastises her for her ill-conceived plan.

Nam-Soon, however, brushes off his concerns with a chuckle, informing him of her intent to investigate the mysterious Russian mafia group, Pavel, while he delves into the computer’s contents.

Complicated relationships

Elsewhere, Geum-Ju grapples with shock as she converses with her father over the phone. To her astonishment, he’s been in Tibet all along and is now en route to Korea. Sharing this revelation with Geum-Dong, they both express concerns about Joong-Gan’s evolving relationship.

The duo’s worries seem justified as Joong-Gan and her partner radiate romance at an amusement park, with Joong-Gan even stepping in to defend their honour against some disrespectful youths.

Next, we see Dong-Seok appear dehydrated, surrounded by empty water bottles, while Nam-In consumes yet another diet pill.

A harrowing flashback showcases children being coerced into combat by Russian men, with food being the prize for victory. A poignant moment arises when a boy named Binbin sacrifices himself for a hungrier friend… Shi-Oh.

Upon returning home, Nam-Soon is confronted by Geum-Ju, who inquires about her injuries from Myung-Hee’s (Hwa-Ja’s real name) assault.

Difficult choices

Geum-Ju later visits Myung-Hee in the hospital, urging her to genuinely repent and lead an upright life, offering her a chance to be recognized as Geum-Ju’s daughter.

At the police precinct, the only significant findings on the computer are a photograph of a young boy and an audio clip of classical music. This discovery prompts Hee-Sik to contact Nam-Soon, advising her to investigate international transactions.

Ryu Shi-Oh is suspicious that Tsegtseg might be Geum-Ju’s daughter Nam-Soon based on his guard’s description of the computer thief. He seeks answers from Myung-Hee in the hospital, offering her freedom in exchange for information on Nam-Soon’s true identity. Surprisingly, Myung-Hee denies Tsegtseg being Nam-Soon.

Dark revelations

An informant from Opulentia briefs Geum-Ju about Pavel’s history, highlighting its shift to casinos and illicit funds under Sabaki’s leadership in the ’80s. The narrative now involves an heir named Nozh and the revelation that Pavel members are abducted orphans from various countries.

At the Heritage Club, Geum-Ju, accompanied by Hee-Sik posing as a media director, crosses paths with Shi-Oh and Nam-Soon, leading to a tense dining encounter. During their conversation, Geum-Ju boldly questions Shi-Oh’s ties to Pavel.

An altercation ensues, with Nam-Soon intervening to defuse the situation. However, Shi-Oh’s ominous remarks hint at potential danger for Geum-Ju.

The episode ends with Shi-Oh challenging Nam-Soon with a sinister task, only to reveal a tragic event involving Geum-Ju.

That wraps up our recap and review of Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 9.

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