Haerin Echoes Tomie’s Gothic Charm

In a striking display of art imitating life, NEWJEANS’ Haerin garnered attention for her resemblance to Junji Ito‘s Tomie. She captivated fans with her gothic-inspired look that seamlessly blends K-pop with manga aesthetics.

The Striking Resemblance

NEWJEANS’ Haerin has recently turned heads with her appearance which remarkably mirrors Junji Ito’s iconic manga character, Tomie. At a promotional event for the Hyundai Duty-Free Department Store, Haerin’s style drew parallels with the gothic charm of the beloved character.

Gothic Mood Meets K-Pop Style

Dressed in a chic black outfit complemented by her sleek hair and natural makeup, Haerin seemed to step right out of a manga scene. Her blunt bangs and wide, cat-like eyes only accentuated the comparison, as she posed with poise and grace.

Netizens Are All Abuzz

Haerin gained attention in particular for her styling which made her look like Tomie a popular manga character created by Junji Ito.

The online community has been vocal in their admiration, noting the uncanny resemblance between Haerin and Tomie. From her hairstyle to her sharp facial features, She difinitely embodies the essence of the manga character, leaving fans in awe of her one-in-a-thousand beauty.

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