J-Hope steps down from MC role at military event

BTS’s J-Hope has gracefully stepped down from a special MC role to adhere to the Ministry of National Defense’s guidelines. This is to ensure his military service remains his primary focus.

J-Hope’s Military Commitment Takes Precedence

The ‘2023 International Military Cooking Competition’ was set to feature BTS’s J-Hope as the host. However, recent events have resulted in the cancellation of his role as the master of ceremonies. This decision aligns with the Ministry of National Defense’s policy to keep celebrities focused on their primary military responsibilities.

Ministerial Intervention Ensures Duty First

Defense Minister Shin Won-Sik has said during a committee meeting that celebrity soldiers … Including J-Hope, should not be assigned additional roles outside their service commitments, emphasizing the importance of their standard military duties.

Netizens Applaud the Decision for Standard Service

The public has largely supported the decision to prevent celebrity involvement in non-duty activities, with many expressing their desire for stars like J-Hope to serve without fanfare, akin to their fellow soldiers.

J-Hope commenced his mandatory military service as an active-duty soldier on April 18th, following in the footsteps of Jin as the second member of BTS to undertake military duties.

He is currently contributing as an instructor at the Basic Training Center of the 36th Infantry Division. He will conclude his service on October 17, 2024. J-Hope and Jin from BTS are currently actively serving in the military. Suga initiated his alternative service as a public service worker on September 22.

As J-Hope continues his military service with dedication, the decision to prioritize his duties over additional roles reinforces the importance of equal treatment within the military, resonating with the public’s sentiment.

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