AESPA’s Dance Drama

AESPA’s new Drama teaser has sparked a flurry of debate over dance coordination in the K-Pop scene. The group’s choreography skills—or perceived lack thereof—have become the centre of a heated debate among Korean netizens.

AESPA’s Drama Teaser Ignites a Dance Debate Among Netizens

SM Entertainment’s rising stars, Aespa, have recently teased their audience with a snippet of Drama, their upcoming title track. The group intended the preview, bathed in a dramatic red hue, to showcase their dance prowess. However, it has instead sparked a heated debate among Korean netizens over the members’ synchronization and dance skills.

Netizens Weigh In on Choreography

The YouTube teaser, released on November 8, received enthusiastic responses for the song’s adherence to Aespa’s established concept. Yet, the choreography and its execution became the focal point of scrutiny. On forums such as TheQoo, the group faced criticism for apparent coordination issues. Some netizens pointed out the dance seemed disjointed.

The Controversy of Coordination in K-Pop

While some fans questioned if the perceived disarray was intentional, others argued that perfect sync is not a staple requirement in K-pop. A faction of the community echoed this sentiment, believing that Aespa should have the creative freedom to define their dance style.

Aespa’s Upcoming Comeback Amidst Critiques

With the release of their fourth mini-album Drama scheduled for November 10, the group is on the cusp of a major comeback. The title track, infused with a rock-inspired sound, has been deemed a fitting extension of the group’s image. Despite this, the teaser has attracted criticism for the dance routine, which many have labelled as sloppy.

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