Daily Dose of Sunshine Ep 5 Recap & Review

* This review contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Daily Dose of Sunshine

The new K-drama series Daily Dose of Sunshine shines a light on the often-misunderstood world of psychiatric care. The Netflix drama is based on a webtoon by former nurse Lee Ra-Ha, and follows the story of Jung Da-Eun, a nurse who transitions from internal medicine to the psychiatric ward. Through her experiences, viewers are taken on a journey filled with empathy, humor and the raw realities of mental illnesses.

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Episode 5: When Life Tells You to Slow Down

In the fifth episode of Daily Dose of Sunshine, the show delves into the challenges of balancing personal life with professional duties, particularly for those caring for others. The episode opens with Ha-Yun, a schoolgirl facing bullying, which escalates to a distressing incident at school. Her mother, Ju-Yeong (Kim Yeo-Jin), caught between work and her daughter’s needs, struggles to address the situation effectively.

At the same time, we get a glimpse of the home life of senior nurse Park Soo-Yeon (Lee Sang-Hee). She is also struggling between work and looking after her family. The situation causes her to snap at everyone, leaving her family members frustrated. She is also chided by doctor Cha Min-Seo (Gong Sung-Ha), who points out that she should try to have a life of her own outside of work and family.

Forgetting herself

At the hospital, Ju-Yeong brings in her daughter for a consultation with Min-Seo. Min-Seo notes that Ha-Yun only needs outpatient treatment. However, she points out that Ju-Yeong might need some treatment herself due to her hectic lifestyle. Ju-Yeong appears surprised by the statement.

Later, Ju-Yeong and Ha-yun go to the grocery store, and they run into the mother of the girl who bullied Ha-Yun. Strangely, Ju-Yeong greets her normally, having forgotten about the bullying incident. She is horrified when she realizes what has happened, and immediately checks herself in for treatment.

Hospital drama

At the hospital, the staff grapple with their own issues. Yeo-Hwan (Jang Ryul) is still coming to terms with his new relationship with Deul-Re (Lee Yi-Dam). She leaves him hanging when she rushes off due to a banking emergency. We later learn that she has been frozen out of her account due to an unpaid loan.

Da-Eun (Park Bo-Young) is caught in a potential love triangle between Go-Yun (Yeon Woo-Jin) and Yu-Chan (Jang Dong-Yoon). She tries to navigate her feelings, while still trying to assist her patients. She discovers that her patient Kim Seo-Wan (Roh Jae-Won) has suddenly gone missing. After a frantic search around the hospital, she and Go-Yun manage to find him on the rooftop. He is in a distressed state, believing that he is out of ‘mana’ in the game that he’s trapped in.

Fortunately, the crisis is averted, with Go-Yun managing to calm Seo-Wan down. The situation causes Da-Eun to see him in a new light. However, she later tells Go-Yun that Seo-Wan wants to change proctologists, as Go-Yun’s large fingers hurt him.

Trouble at home

Meanwhile, Soo-Yeon is reaching a breaking point at home. Being pulled from all directions has caused her to neglect her family when they need her. She begins to see parallels between her situation and Ju-Yeong as she undergoes treatment at the hospital.

Eventually, Ju-Yeong realizes that Soo-Yeon is in the exact same position as her. In a beautiful and moving scene, the two women discuss their hopes and fears about their lives and motherhood. Ju-Yeong tells Soo-Yeon not to make the same mistakes she did, and to slow down and look after herself for her children’s sake. “How can you make way for her joy, if you haven’t made way for yours?” she asks.

Towards the end of the episode, Soo-Yeon finally decides to take time out for herself. She leaves her family alone for the day and treats herself and her mother for a day at the spa. It is a much-needed moment of self-case, as she finally recognizes the need to recharge after days of relentless work.

However, the episode ends on a cliffhanger, as we see paramedics attend to someone who has fallen onto the street from a great height. We catch a glimpse of an open backpack, with several flyers from the hospital peeking out.

What we thought

This episode is filled with emotion, and really brings to light the toll that life can take on working mothers. The scene between Soo-Yeon and Ju-Yeong left us in tears, as the two women’s situation is one that everyone can relate to.

Overall, this episode of Daily Dose of Sunshine weaves a compelling narrative about the struggles of work-life balance. It also touches upon the impact of stress on caregivers, and the intricate personal dynamics within a hospital setting.

The cliffhanger also left us intrigued, and a little worried as to the identity of the person on the ground, as well as their connection to the series various storylines.

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