K-pop News 091123: RIIZE, WHIB, BoA, MAVE and more

Welcome to your Nov 9 K-Pop News Digest – all the latest and hottest K-pop updates!

RIIZE Strikes a Chord with English Single Get A Guitar

K-pop News 091123: RIIZE

SM Entertainment’s fresh face, RIIZE, has broadened their musical horizons with the English release of Get A Guitar. The rookie group’s new lyric video invites global fans to join in, echoing the original’s spirit of growth and unity. Catch RIIZE live as they continue to charm the music scene on Mnet’s M! Countdown with their digital single, Talk Saxy.

BoA’s Dramatic Return to the Screen in Marry My Husband

K-pop News 091123: BoA

The iconic BoA is set to captivate audiences once again, marking her return to acting after a seven-year hiatus with tvN’s drama Marry My Husband.

Anticipation is high for the multi-talented star’s role in this gripping narrative of betrayal and revenge. Featuring a stellar cast with Park Min-Young, Na In-Woo, and Lee Yi-Kyung. The drama will premiere on January 1, 2024.

Virtual Sensations MAVE: to Unveil What’s My Name EP

Metaverse Entertainment’s virtual prodigies, MAVE:, are gearing up to drop their first EP What’s My Name on November 30. Following the success of their debut single Pandora, which amassed over 45 million Spotify streams. The virtual quartet promises high-quality content that will surpass fan expectations.

WHIB’s Ambitious Debut with Cut-Out

Joining the K-pop landscape, WHIB has debuted with a vision to emulate the success of groups like BTS and SEVENTEEN.

Their inaugural single Cut-Out showcases the band’s diverse musical palette, from the energetic pop dance track Bang! to the buoyant tune Dizzy. WHIB, as Cjes Studio’s first boy band in over a decade, is poised to carve out their unique identity in the industry.

P1HARMONY’s Sweet Return with Fall In Love Again

In collaboration with Grammy-winning producer C. “Tricky” Stewart and Believve, P1HARMONY presents Fall In Love Again, a digital single that highlights a softer, more playful side of the group. The accompanying music video exudes style and a carefree approach to love, showcasing P1Harmony’s versatility as artists.

As the K-pop world continues to evolve and expand, these artists are not just riding the wave—they’re making it. From RIIZE’s linguistic leap to BoA’s dramatic re-entry, MAVE:’s virtual venture, WHIB’s bold beginnings, and P1HARMONY’s harmonious collaboration, the scene is vibrant with new sounds and stories.

That’s a wrap for our K-pop News update for November 09, 2023. For the latest K-pop news and updates, keep your eyes on this space, and remember to support your favourite artists by streaming their music and tuning into their performances. Until next time, keep the K-pop love alive!

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