Marvel’s Spark Fades for K-netizens with The Marvels

The debut of The Marvels on November 8 was met with a whirlwind of anticipation, especially with the inclusion of Korea’s beloved actor, Park Seo-Joon. Yet, the high hopes of Korean fans quickly turned to disenchantment as the film unfolded, revealing Park’s role to be a mere five-minute cameo.

Park Seo-Joon’s Brief Stint as Yon

Park Seo-Joon’s much-awaited appearance arrives an hour into the film, limited to a flashback scene portraying Yon, the prince of Atlas. He interacts with Captain Marvel briefly, leaving fans wanting more. Despite the brief showcase of his combat skills, the brevity of his role leaves audiences feeling underwhelmed.

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Korean Fans’ Disillusionment with The Marvels

The sentiment among Korean netizens is one of disillusionment … As The Marvels seemed to miss the mark that MCU films typically hit. Critics and audiences alike found the plot wanting and the direction questionable. This sparked a debate on whether Marvel has lost the captivating essence that once defined its films.

As The Marvels navigates through its cinematic journey, the reaction from the Korean market—a critical stronghold for Marvel—has been tepid. The CGV Egg Index reflects this sentiment, with the film’s rating hovering below the coveted 80% mark.

This tepid response marks a critical juncture for Marvel as it strives to reignite its once-mesmerizing magic. Is this a brief stumble or a sign of change for Marvel? Currently, confidence in their cinematic magic is faltering.


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