G-Dragon Under Scrutiny for Potential Evidence Tampering

In a surprising development, G-Dragon is facing allegations of evidence tampering. A report by My Daily on November 10 suggests that the artist had removed all his body hair … Before undergoing a drug test, raising questions about his intentions.

The police are investigating the possibility that G-Dragon’s actions were a deliberate attempt to destroy evidence. This suspicion arises from past instances where celebrities who tested positive for drugs had similarly removed their body hair before testing.

This news emerges amid heightened scrutiny of police officers involved in such investigations. G-Dragon was previously investigated for drug use following allegations by a sex worker during an inquiry into Lee Sun-Kyun’s alleged drug use. Both G-Dragon and Lee Sun-Kyun were found negative in drug tests.

The article notes that while body hair of at least 1.5 inches can substitute for head hair in tests, there’s no definitive evidence suggesting that body hair tests yield more conclusive results. Urine, blood, and fingernails are also viable for testing. G-Dragon has maintained that he has not dyed, bleached, or otherwise altered his hair … Suggesting that his hair should suffice for accurate drug testing results.


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