G-Dragon deny allegations of evidence tampering

G-Dragon and his attorneys have stepped forward to deny recent allegations against the idol for evidence tampering. They’ve countered the claims with facts and a firm stance … Offering a narrative of truth and transparency amid the rumours and accusations.

Refuting Allegations of Evidence Destruction

On November 10, G-Dragon’s legal team refuted claims suggesting the star had intentionally removed his body hair to eliminate evidence. “The notion that G-Dragon eradicated all body hair is unequivocally false,” asserted the idol’s lawyer. They further revealed that the police did not possess a warrant for testing G-Dragon’s hair. Whether from his scalp or body. In an unexpected move, G-Dragon himself chose to undergo a drug test, aiming to clear the air.

The court had previously rejected a request to inspect his phones, citing a lack of evidence. “Despite the absence of a hair examination warrant, Kwon Ji-Yong (G-Dragon) proactively submitted samples of his urine, hair, and fingernails to hasten the truth’s revelation and alleviate confusion. His cooperation has been unwavering, extending to offering his leg hair for police analysis, surpassing their initial request,” elaborated the lawyer.

Addressing Misconceptions About Hair Evidence

The legal team criticized the police for implying that G-Dragon was manipulating evidence. “Kwon Ji-Yong maintained a normal hair length and provided the police with the requested hair quantity,” they clarified. In response to theories about hair dye affecting drug test outcomes, the lawyer remarked, “Kwon Ji-Yong hasn’t altered his hair colour or treated it chemically for over a year and five months. His hair length can indicate drug usage over the past year.”

A Firm Stance Against Unverified Reporting

The statement concluded with a stern admonition of both the police and the media. The lawyer expressed deep regret over the police’s depiction of G-Dragon as an evidence destroyer and the media’s failure to verify facts before reporting. “We are deeply disappointed by these actions and will confront any future speculative reporting through legal channels.”

The Ongoing Criticism of Police Conduct

Previously, the police had accused G-Dragon of shaving his body hair to destroy evidence. This allegation followed significant criticism of the Incheon Police, who were publicly embarrassed after G-Dragon’s drug tests proved negative. The police have since faced a barrage of criticism for their handling of the case.

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