K-pop News 121123: STRAY KIDS, STAYC and more

Welcome to your essential K-pop news roundup for November 12, 2023! In today’s digest, we’re bringing you the hottest updates from the vibrant world of Korean pop music. From STRAY KIDS’ chart-topping success to the unexpected hiatus of STAYC’s beloved members, we’ve got all the buzz-worthy stories. Let’s dive in …

STRAY KIDS Conquer iTunes with ROCK-STAR

K-pop News 121123: STRAY KIDS

JYP Entertainment’s Stray Kids have taken the music world by storm with their 8th mini-album ROCK-STAR, featuring the hit LALALALA. Released on November 10, the album has soared to No. 1 on iTunes worldwide and European album charts, dominating in over 30 regions. The title track LALALALA also clinched the top spot in 37 countries, marking a significant global impact. Congratulations to STRAY KIDS on their remarkable achievement!

K-pop News 121123: STAYC's Seeun and Yoon

In a concerning update for STAYC fans, members Seeun and Yoon are stepping back from their activities due to health issues. Their agency, High Up Entertainment, released an official statement confirming the hiatus. The news comes as the group celebrates their 3rd anniversary, leaving fans wishing for their speedy recovery and urging the agency for better schedule management to ensure the idols’ well-being.

GREATGUYS Apologize for World Tour Cancellation

K-pop News 121123: GreatGuys

GREATGUYS’ much-anticipated Record of Youth world tour, scheduled from November 12 to 19, has been unfortunately cancelled due to visa complications. DNA Entertainment, the group’s agency, issued an apology, particularly addressing fans who had been eagerly awaiting the tour. CEO Lee Jae-Sung assured ticket holders of a forthcoming refund process, expressing regret over the unforeseen cancellation.

GOLDEN CHILD Wows in Feel Me Dance Practice Video

GOLDEN CHILD has released a dance practice video for their latest track, Feel Me, showcasing their exceptional synchronization and footwork. The video, available on their official YouTube channel, highlights the group’s dance prowess and coordination, making it a visual treat for fans and dance enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on experiencing GOLDEN CHILD’s captivating performance in their new dance video!

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