Lisa Compares Solo Debut to Pregnancy

Lisa from BLACKPINK compared her solo debut to pregnancy on The Woody Show. Host Woody asked her about her feelings about embarking on a solo journey, which led to her unexpected yet insightful comparison.

The Anticipation Behind LALISA

Lisa’s excitement was palpable as she discussed her solo debut … But it was her analogy to pregnancy that caught everyone’s attention. She likened the process to the anticipation of pregnancy, stating, “It’s kinda like being pregnant.” This comparison stemmed from the prolonged and eager wait for the album’s completion and release.

Six Months of Meticulous Preparation

Lisa revealed that her preparation for LALISA began in March 2021, a six-month journey akin to the gestation period. While not as long as an actual pregnancy, the duration and intensity of her preparation paralleled the careful nurturing and waiting associated with expecting a child.

Striving for Perfection in Production

The dedication to perfection in her solo work was evident. Lisa shared that the music video, despite taking only four days to shoot, required a two-week schedule due to the elaborate set designs. This meticulous attention to detail and the prolonged process contributed to her feeling of nurturing and developing something special over time.

The Relief of Releasing LALISA

The release of LALISA brought a sense of relief to Lisa, akin to the culmination of a pregnancy. She expressed, “I feel so relieved.” The effort and worry that went into ensuring the album’s success were significant, and its release marked the end of a period of uncertainty and anticipation.

Lisa’s Joy in Sharing Her Solo Work

Lisa’s joy in finally presenting her solo work to the world was evident. She expressed relief and satisfaction, saying, “We have put so much effort and everything into it… Back then, I wasn’t sure if people would like it, and now finally, it’s out! So now all our worries went away.”

In conclusion, Lisa’s comparison of her solo debut to pregnancy encapsulates the anticipation, care, and eventual joy of bringing something new and cherished into the world. Her unique perspective highlights the depth of her commitment to her art and the emotional journey involved in sharing it with her fans.


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