Dream Academy final 10 contestants ready to shine

The entertainment world is abuzz as HYBE’s The Debut: Dream Academy gets ready to present its final 10 finalists. The girls hail from five different countries, with only one carrying Korean nationality, reflecting the international scope of the project. The show attracted over 120,000 applicants from across the globe, with 20 girls shortlisted to undergo the full training process.

The girls showcased their artistic abilities through various missions beginning in September. They performed covers of hits by Demi Lovato, The Pussycat Dolls, and Spice Girls, and embraced the rigorous K-pop training system. They even traveled to South Korea to train at HYBE’s prestigious studio.

The 10 Dream Academy finalists

The top 10 contestants who made it through to the live finale event are (in alphabetical order) Daniela (USA), Emily (USA), Ezrela (Australia), Lara (USA), Manon (Switzerland), Marquise (Thailand), Megan (USA), Samara (Brazil), Sophia (Philippines), and Yoonchae (South Korea).

Last week, the show announced that three girls, Celeste, Nayoung and Ua, were eliminated.

A special bonus performance

The excitement is palpable as the live finale approaches, set to air on November 17. The girls are eager to showcase their full talents on this grand stage. The event promises to be a celebration of talent, diversity, and the transformative power of music.

HYBE also released a special bonus video, where the final 10 girls performed a dance cover of Ariana Grande’s hit Break Free.

High hopes for the girls

HYBE’s Chairman Bang Si-Hyuk has expressed pride in the project, highlighting the collaboration with Geffen Records and the shared vision of forming an international group based on K-pop methodologies. The show has provided a platform for these young artists but has also contributed to the expanding universe of K-pop.

As the world waits, the final episode of The Debut: Dream Academy will reveal the name of the new girl group and its members, marking a new chapter in the lives of these aspiring stars and the K-pop industry.

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