K-pop News 131123: STRAY KIDS, ZEROBASEONE and more

Hello K-pop fans! Here’s your daily dose of K-pop News for November 13, 2023. Let’s dive into today’s headline-making stories. Read about STRAY KIDS looking to top the Billboard chart, ZEROBASEONE setting a debut record, and more. Check out today’s K-pop News Digest to catch up on the most buzzworthy moments and milestones that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

STRAY KIDS eye Billboard top spot

Stray Kids Rock Star

Stray Kids are on the cusp of a remarkable achievement with their latest album ROCK-STAR, as they aim for a number one debut on the Billboard 200 chart. The group is projected to sell between 225,000 to 250,000 units in the first week. This follows their previous success with 5-Star, which also reached number one on the Billboard 200 in June of this year. Fans and netizens have expressed their excitement and support, with some Korean netizens feeling that Stray Kids’ popularity in the U.S. is now second only to BTS.

ZEROBASEONE’s record-breaking debut year


ZEROBASEONE has set an unprecedented record in the industry. The group has surpassed 2 million first-week sales with their second mini-album MELTING POINT, released just four months after their debut. This feat has placed them among the elite ranks of K-pop groups like BTS, SEVENTEEN, and STRAY KIDS, marking them as the fastest to reach this milestone in less than a year since their debut.

Hyeri and Ryu Jun-Yeol part ways after 7 years

Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol

GIRL’S DAY’s Hyeri and Ryu Jun-Yeol have officially ended their relationship. They first met as co-stars on Reply 1988, and have been dating since August 2017. Their agencies, C-JeS Studios and Creative Group ING, confirmed the breakup, stating: “It is true that they broke up.” They added that both stars “remain friends”, and continue supporting each other professionally. Fans are expressing their sadness, while wishing both actors the best for their future endeavors.

Concerns over BABYMONSTER Chiquita’s mature styling

Chiquita Babymonster

YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER is preparing for their debut, with young trainee Chiquita at the forefront. However, her recent teaser photos have sparked concern among fans. Many are saying that the 14-year-old Chiquita’s styling does not suit her young age. The visuals show her in dark makeup and an outfit and pose that makes her look too ‘mature’. This has raised questions about the appropriateness of styling for young idols in the industry.

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