AESPA’s Karina Finds a Needle in Her Performance Costume

In the wake of their latest mini-album release, Drama, on November 10, AESPA has been at the centre of a new controversy, this time concerning their wardrobe. AESPA’s Karina recently found a needle dangerously sticking out of her stage outfit.

Aespa’s Comeback Drama

K-pop ensemble, AESPA, recently unveiled their fourth mini-album, captivating their fans, MYs, with a fresh and dynamic style. However, the excitement surrounding their new music and fashion choices has been overshadowed by concerns over the safety of their stage outfits.

Karina’s Close Call

During an appearance on Inkigayo on November 12, aespa’s leader, Karina, experienced a concerning wardrobe malfunction. Dressed in an eye-catching ensemble of leather and denim, she discovered a sewing needle dangerously protruding from her arm warmers. This incident, which could have led to injury, was fortunately averted as Karina noticed and removed the needle in time.

Fans Demand Safety

This incident has reignited criticism towards AESPA’s stylists, who have previously been under fire for fashion choices that compromised the members’ safety. Fans and netizens are now more vocal than ever in demanding SM Entertainment, the group’s management, to prioritize the safety and well-being of AESPA in their styling decisions.

Repeated Styling Concerns

The group’s stylists have faced backlash for various styling errors, including outfits that posed tripping hazards and problematic footwear. The recurrent nature of these issues, particularly affecting Karina … Has raised serious questions about the attention to detail and safety considerations in AESPA’s wardrobe selections.

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The Need for Safer Choices

The recent wardrobe incident with Karina has highlighted the critical need for safer and more thoughtful styling choices for AESPA. As the group continues to rise in popularity, the safety and image presented through their wardrobe become increasingly significant. Fans continue to advocate for AESPA’s well-being, hoping that such incidents will prompt a positive change in how the group’s image is managed and presented.

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