Jang Dong-Yoon and NANA to star in My Man Is Cupid

The much-anticipated fantasy romance series My Man is Cupid, featuring the dynamic duo of Jang Dong-Yoon and NANA, is set to hit our screens. This announcement has set the stage for what promises to be a delightful blend of fantasy, romance, and humor.

My Man Is Cupid will be available on Prime Video in Malaysia and more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. Episodes begin airing on Friday, December 1, 2023. Subsequent episodes drop weekly every Friday and Saturday.

What happens in My Man Is Cupid?

My Man Is Cupid features a star-crossed love story between a love fairy and a human woman. Cheon Sang-Hyuk (Jang Dong-Yoon) is a love fairy who lost his wings in a tragic incident 500 years ago. Since then, he has been living as a human in order to regain his wings.

He comes across Oh Baek-Ryun (NANA), a veterinary surgeon whose beauty attracts many men. Unfortunately, men who get romantically involved with her are inexplicably struck by supernatural accidents.

Trouble starts when Sang-Hyuk accidentally shoots himself with a love arrow, kickstarting an unexpected romance with Baek-Ryun. The pair feel drawn to one another, but will fate be on their side?

Jang Dong-Yoon and NANA to star in My Man Is Cupid

Who is starring in it?

Jang Dong Yoon, last seen in Daily Dose of Sunshine, has been making waves since his acting debut in 2016. His notable works include Women at a Game Company, Solomon’s Perjury, and the gender-bending hit The Tale of Nokdu.

NANA recently impressed K-drama lovers with her star turn in Mask Girl. She also starred in The Good Wife and Oh My Ladylord.

Director Nam Tae-Jin, known for Switch: Change the World, Hong Cheon Gi, and Jinx, will be helming the drama. The series is written by Heo Seong-Hee, who previously wrote One More Happy Ending. Park Ki-Woong (Pandora: Beneath the Paradise) and Kwon Ah-Reum (The Killing Vote) round out the main cast.

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