Ahyeon Exits YG Entertainment’s Baby Monster (UPDATED)

In a surprising turn of events, Ahyeon, a member of YG Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group Baby Monster, departed from the group just before their highly anticipated debut. This announcement, made on November 15 KST, has led to a significant change in the group’s lineup, now set to debut as a six-member ensemble instead of seven.

Ahyeon’s Departure: A Sudden Shift for Baby Monster

Ahyeon, who had already garnered attention as a look-alike of BLACKPINK’s Jennie, left Baby Monster due to personal reasons. This departure comes as a shock to many fans who had been eagerly awaiting the group’s debut. Ahyeon’s presence had been a significant point of interest, especially since she was introduced as a talented trainee by YG Entertainment.

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Rumours and Speculations

Prior to the official announcement, there were numerous rumours and speculations about Ahyeon’s status within the group. Fans noted her absence from the group’s official social media and public appearances, including the Seoul finale performance of BLACKPINK’s ‘BORN PINK’ world tour, where only six members were present. These observations fueled concerns and discussions among fans and netizens.

YG Entertainment’s Response: No Comment

When approached for comments, YG Entertainment’s response was brief and somewhat enigmatic. They stated to OSEN, “We will inform you later,” and to another news outlet, they mentioned they would release a position later. This response left fans in suspense, adding to the shock of the news.

Baby Monster’s Debut

Despite Ahyeon’s departure, Baby Monster is set to make its debut on November 27 KST. The group marks YG Entertainment’s first new girl group in seven years since the debut of BLACKPINK. The debut of Baby Monster is highly anticipated, and fans are curious to see how the group will fare with six members.

Ahyeon’s departure from Baby Monster ahead of their debut has brought a significant change to the group’s dynamics. While the reasons for her departure remain personal, the group is moving forward with its scheduled debut … Ready to make a mark in the K-pop industry as YG Entertainment’s latest girl group.

(UPDATE) YG Entertainment Announces Ahyeon’s Departure from BABYMONSTER Due to Health Reasons

YG Entertainment has officially addressed the departure of Ahyeon from the upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER, citing health concerns as the primary reason. In a recent statement to iMBC, the company expressed regret over not being able to debut Ahyeon with BABYMONSTER but emphasized that the decision was taken with the artist’s health as the top priority.

The statement read, “Ahyeon, who was preparing to debut with BABYMONSTER, has decided to focus on her health and rest for the time being due to health reasons. This decision was made following careful discussion.” YG Entertainment conveyed their apologies for not being able to introduce Ahyeon as a member of BABYMONSTER and reassured that they are committed to supporting her full recovery.

The company concluded, “We are sorry that we could not introduce Ahyeon as a member of BABYMONSTER, but this decision was made in consideration of the health of the artist. We will spare no support so that Ahyeon can fully recover and return in good health.”

This announcement comes after much speculation and concern among fans regarding Ahyeon’s future with the group. YG Entertainment’s commitment to the well-being of their artists is evident in this decision, prioritizing health over professional commitments. Fans and supporters of Ahyeon and BABYMONSTER are hopeful for her speedy recovery and future endeavours.



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