NEWJEANS to Contribute New Song to My Demon OST

NEWJEANS will be on the OST of the upcoming K-drama My Demon, featuring the dynamic duo of Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung. Set for release on Netflix on November 24, the series promises to be a visual and emotional treat with a little help from NEWJEANS.

NEWJEANS’ Musical Contribution

K-pop sensation NEWJEANS will contribute a track to the My Demon OST. Their song, Our Night Is More Beautiful Than Your Day, is scheduled to debut alongside the series on November 24. This collaboration is a testament to NEWJEANS’ growing influence in the music industry.

A Year of Musical Triumphs for NEWJEANS

NEWJEANS has had a remarkable year, dominating the charts with their album Get Up. They also contributed to the OST of A Time Called You with their rendition of Beautiful Restriction. Their recent release, GODS, a collaboration with League of Legends … Is set to be the anthem for the League of Legends 2023 Season World Championship (Worlds 2023).

This high-profile performance at the Worlds 2023 finals, scheduled for November 19 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, further cement NEWJEANS’ status in the global music scene.

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