RED VELVET delivers a Silky Smooth Performance on Killing Voice

K-Pop enthusiasts eagerly seeking content that highlights their idols’ genuine talents have found a treasure in Killing Voice, the acclaimed singing show on Dingo Music’s YouTube channel. Renowned for featuring live performances by some of the industry’s most skilled vocalists, Killing Voice offers fans a chance to experience the unfiltered voices of their favourite artists. RED VELVET is the latest to be on the show which previously featured acts like AKMU, (G)I-DLE, EXO, and IU.

RED VELVET’s Legendary Performance

The latest episode, however, featuring SM Entertainment’s beloved quintet RED VELVET, has transcended to legendary status. Known for their impeccable vocal skills, the anticipation for RED VELVET’s appearance on Killing Voice was sky-high. They did not disappoint, as evidenced by the episode garnering over 2.3 million views within a day of its release.

Led by the extraordinary Wendy … RED VELVET showcased a level of vocal excellence that further cements their position as one of K-Pop’s premier groups. Irene, the group’s leader particularly impressed many with her noticeable improvement in singing. Clips of their stellar performance have gone viral, sparking trends across platforms like TheQoo and Pann Nate.

A Historic Moment for Killing Voice

This Killing Voice episode made history with RED VELVET, running a record 33 minutes – the longest ever. RED VELVET performed an impressive lineup of 20 songs from their extensive discography. Seulgi even hinted at a larger repertoire prepared for the show, unfortunately, constrained by the episode’s length.

This extraordinary showcase has ignited fervour among fans for a second part of this epic episode. They are eager to see RED VELVET perform more hit B-sides and further enrich the Killing Voice experience. Given the group’s extensive collection of beloved tracks, a second episode would not only delight fans but also continue this historic moment for the show.

With their captivating vocals and charismatic presence, RED VELVET has set a new benchmark for what fans will expect from future Killing Voice appearances.

Watch RED VELVET’s stellar Killing Voice episode here:

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