SM Entertainment Continues to Misstep with RED VELVET

SM Entertainment is facing a fresh round of backlash for the continued mismanagement of RED VELVET. In another glaring act of self-sabotage, group members were forced to once again apologise for the label’s mistakes.

Red Velvet Mishap: Location Confusion

On November 16, a significant miscommunication issue came to light involving SM Entertainment and RED VELVET. A post that rapidly gained traction online detailed how SM Entertainment erroneously directed fans to the SBS studio in Deung Chon Dong for RED VELVET’s Inkigayo recording. The true location, however, was the SBS studio in Sangam Dong. This created a considerable inconvenience for fans, as the two locations are about 50 minutes apart.

This blunder not only caused confusion and frustration among fans but also placed RED VELVET members in an uncomfortable position. They found themselves apologizing to the fans who had gathered at the wrong location due to the company’s mistake. In a series of screenshots within the viral post, RED VELVET members are seen expressing their apologies and regret over the incident.

This situation highlights a breakdown in communication at SM Entertainment … Indicating a need for stricter checks and balances in relaying information to fans. It also highlights the dedication of RED VELVET’s members, who took it upon themselves to address and apologize for a mistake that originated from their management.

This incident, part of a series of management mishaps, adds to the growing concerns among fans about SM Entertainment’s handling of RED VELVET’s schedules and public appearances.

Chill Kill: Delayed Album Teasers Spark Discontent

The promotional campaign for RED VELVET’s highly anticipated third studio album, Chill Kill, experienced notable setbacks … Particularly concerning the release of album teasers. RED Production, a division of SM Entertainment responsible for managing RED VELVET, had initially committed to unveiling album details at midnight on Friday, November 4.

However, this promise was not fulfilled on time, leading to a significant delay. The details were eventually released at 6 PM, six hours later than promised, causing considerable frustration among the band’s dedicated fanbase.

The delay in releasing these teasers not only tested the patience of the fans but also raised questions about the management’s efficiency and reliability. Fans, eagerly awaiting the new album, were left disappointed when the expected release time passed without any update. This incident further fueled the already existing concerns about SM Entertainment’s handling of the group.

Compounding the situation was the response from RED VELVET’s member, Wendy. She took to the fan communication app Bubble to apologize for the delay. This act, while showing the group’s dedication to their fans, inadvertently shifted the responsibility from the company to the artists themselves. Fans argued that it should be SM Entertainment, and not RED VELVET’s members, who ought to apologize and take responsibility for such administrative lapses.

Quality Control Lapses at SM Entertainment

The release of Chill Kill, was overshadowed by noticeable quality control issues at SM Entertainment, raising concerns among fans. The album details were not only delayed but also released with obvious, easily avoidable mistakes.

The group’s name and album title were misspelled as “Red Velevet” and “Cill Kill,” respectively, on some of the albums. This error, particularly coming after a delay that was presumably for quality assurance purposes, reignited frustration among the fans.

These mistakes are indicative of a deeper issue within SM Entertainment’s quality control processes. The delay raised expectations for a polished final product, discovering basic errors even more disappointing.

This has led to questions about the attention to detail and overall quality assurance practices in place at SM Entertainment. This is especially true concerning high-profile releases like those of RED VELVET.

It is good to note that criticism of SM’s management of its artists is not limited to RED VELVET.

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