K-pop News 171123: BTS, ITZY’s Lia, AESPA, BIBI and more

Welcome to the K-pop news roundup for November 17, 2023, where we bring you the latest and most captivating stories from the vibrant world of Korean Entertainment. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or just curious about the latest trends, this roundup promises to keep you informed and engaged with the pulsating heartbeat of K-pop culture. Let’s get started with today’s top stories!

BTS Stock Sale Misunderstanding Resolved

K-pop News 171123: BTS

Recent reports have surfaced regarding the members of the globally renowned K-pop group BTS and their alleged sale of all shares in HYBE Labels. Contrary to initial claims, it has been clarified that the BTS members have not sold their shares.

Instead, their special shareholder status, established through a contract with HYBE’s chairman Bang Si-Hyuk, has concluded. This change does not reflect any stock sales or shifts in ownership but merely an end to their special designation as related parties.

K-pop News 171123: ITZY's LIA

In other news, ITZY’s Lia is set to take a temporary hiatus from the group’s activities due to health concerns. JYP Entertainment has announced that Lia is currently experiencing symptoms of tension and anxiety.

Following a professional diagnosis of an anxiety disorder, Lia will be focusing on her treatment and recovery. Consequently, she will not participate in ITZY’s upcoming album production and world tour scheduled for January. Fans can look forward to the release of the lyric video for Lia’s solo track Blossom as a gesture of support during this period.

Lee Kwang-Soo Exits The Zone: Survival Mission

Lee Kwang-Soo, a beloved actor, has confirmed he will not be returning for the third season of The Zone: Survival Mission. The Disney+ original game variety series is set to undergo revisions for its upcoming season, following Kwang-Soo’s departure.

BIBI and Becky G’s Dynamic Collaboration in Amigos

K-pop News 171123: BIBI and Becky G

In a thrilling blend of musical styles, BIBI and Becky G have teamed up to release the captivating single Amigos. This innovative track is a fusion of Latin pop and BIBI’s distinctive Korean musical flair, showcasing her ambition to transcend cultural barriers and make a mark on the international music scene.

AESPA’s Drama Triumphs as a Million-Seller

AESPA continues to dominate the music charts with their latest mini album, Drama, marking a significant milestone as their third consecutive album to reach million-selling status. The album’s widespread appeal is evident as it leads the sales charts across various Chinese digital platforms, solidifying AESPA’s position as a powerhouse in the K-pop industry.

ENHYPEN’s Electrifying Return with Orange Blood

ENHYPEN has returned to the music scene with their 5th mini-album, Orange Blood. The album’s lead track, Sweet Venom, is a vibrant mix of funk and pop elements, reflecting the group’s growth and refined musical taste. This release represents a significant evolution in ENHYPEN’s artistic journey, offering fans a fresh and exciting sound.

The BOYZ’ Ju Haknyeon on Health-Related Hiatus

In a recent health update, Ju Haknyeon of The BOYZ will be taking a hiatus due to back issues. Due to a disc stenosis diagnosis, he will temporarily withdraw from the group’s upcoming comeback and concert commitments. This pause is crucial for his recovery and health management.

And that’s our K-pop News roundup for November 17, 2023. We hope you’ve enjoyed the news snippets and do drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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