RIIZE’s Seunghan and TXT’s Soobin leaked video drama resolved

In a recent turn of events, TXT’s Soobin and RIIZE’s Seunghan have been cleared of accusations regarding negative comments about LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae. The controversy began on November 16, 2023 when a leaked Instagram Live video, featuring the two idols, surfaced online, leading to misinterpretations among international fans.

Initial misinterpretations

The video, initially shared on the popular Korean online community website TheQoo, showed Soobin and Seunghan in a private conversation. The conversation was recorded from a private Instagram Live video.

Initially, confusion arose among international fans due to a mistranslation by another website. The website incorrectly suggested that Seunghan’s negative comments were about Eunchae.

In the inaccurate translation, Seunghan’s words read: “She can’t dance, can’t sing and can’t rap. She’s all excited just because she got to MC for Mu-Bank, our Eunchae is there (on the show).

Clarifying misunderstandings

Fortunately, fans who spoke Korean were able to debunk this translation, and help to ease the confusion. TheQoo was able to give a more accurate translation of Seunghan’s comments.

A translation of Seunghan’s audio read: “It’s a fact. Fact. He’s not good at dancing, not good at singing, not good at rapping. He’s all excited after MC-ing for Mu-Bank (Music Bank) that one time, and meeting my Eunchae.

This caused fans to believe that Seunghan’s words were actually directed at Soobin. This was due to Soobin’s prior history of hosting alongside Eunchae on Music Bank.

Was Seunghan insulting Soobin and Eunchae?

Korean netizens initially raised concerns over Seunghan’s negative comments about Soobin. Many were upset by his harsh words about Soobin’s musical talents.

They also pointed out the way Seunghan referred to ‘his’ Eunchae appeared to be disrespectful towards her. Many felt his words potentially associated her with a negative image.

The true context of the conversation

It is most likely that Seunghan’s remarks to Soobin were a joke. The two idols are good friends, and are close in age.

Some fans pointed out that Soobin appeared to be taking the playful ‘insults’ in stride. After Seunghan made those remarks, Soobin stated: “I have something to show you”. He then directed the camera at his foot.

Soobin had positioned his toes to simulate a raised middle finger, which caused Seunghan to laugh. Fans pointed out that those showed that the two boys were clearly joking with each other.

Fans voice concerns about privacy

While the most serious allegations were debunked, fans are still concerned over how the video was leaked. The conversation took place between the artists’ private accounts, and was only meant to be seen by mutual friends.

This incident is not the first privacy breach involving Seunghan. Fans have expressed their concerns over repeated invasions of his privacy, emphasizing the need for respect and caution in interpreting such private interactions.

The importance of accurate information

As the truth behind the video comes to light, fans and netizens alike are calling for more responsible sharing and translation of content, highlighting the impact of misinformation on the reputations of public figures.

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