A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 5 – Recap and Review


A Good Day To Be A Dog finally returns after a two-week hiatus. The episode opens with Jin Seo-Won (played by Cha Eun-Woo) fondly remembering moments spent with Han Hae-Na (Park Gyu-Young), especially a time when she soothed his fear of a dog in the park.

A Big Win for Grama High

The following day, the scene shifts to Grama High School, where Hae-Na, Seo-Won, and Lee Bo-Gyeom (Lee Hyun-Woo) study. The school has recently been recognized as a violence-free zone, a commendable achievement made possible by a group of students who produced an award-winning video. Seo-Won proudly displays a banner, celebrating this significant accomplishment.

As the story progresses, Seo-Won and Bo-Gyeom encounter Hae-Na, who seems to be deliberately avoiding them. This behaviour leads Bo-Gyeom to wonder if there’s something more between Seo-Won and Hae-Na.

Later, Hae-Na joins the team responsible for the anti-violence video, who reveal their plans to create a new video, this time focusing on the ‘ideal type world cup’ of teachers. During a conversation with the students, Seo-Won notices Kim Ji-Won, who stands out due to her quiet demeanour.

Bullies in school

A GOOD DAY TO BE A DOG EPISODE 5- Seo-Won confronts the school bullies

The plot thickens when Seo-Won observes the video team dousing Kim Ji-Won with milk. He confronts them about this act, but the students, including Ji-Won, brush it off as part of the video production. However, Seo-Won senses something is amiss and continues to investigate, even seeking help from Yoon Chae-Ah (Lee Seo-El), but to no avail, leading to his growing frustration.

In a pivotal scene, Bo-Gyeom and Seo-Won engage in a candid conversation. Bo-Gyeom directly asks Seo-Won if his personal feelings are influencing his involvement in the matter, a suggestion that Seo-Won quickly denies.

Subsequently, Hae-Na observes Ji-Won covertly taking gym keys and later spots a group of students behaving suspiciously. Concerned, she contacts Seo-Won, and together they discover Ji-Won hiding in the gym. Ji-Won reveals she’s been bullied, by Hyun Jae-Hee and her friends.

When confronted, the bullies claim they’re filming an anti-bullying video. Seo-Won raises this issue with the teachers, who are hesitant to act, fearing it might tarnish the school’s reputation. Undeterred, Seo-Won insists on protecting Ji-Won.

Seo-Won Remembers the Past

During a comforting exchange, Seo-Won confides in Hae-Na, sharing that Ji-Won’s situation reminds him of his younger self. This leads to a flashback, showing Seo-Won as a victim of bullying, with his classmates exploiting his fear of dogs. Despite many witnessing his plight, no one intervened. Hae-Na, empathizing with his pain, encourages him to express his emotions.

Hae-Na’s Smart Move

A GOOD DAY TO BE A DOG EPISODE 5- Hae-Na goes undercover to catch bullies

Hae-Na then devises a plan to catch Ji-Won’s bullies. Transforming into her dog form, she stealthily steals Jae-Hee’s phone, which she later presents as evidence. When Seo-Won confronts Jae-Hee, who speaks ill of Ji-Won, he urges her to reflect on her actions.

This confrontation angers Jae-Hee, who plots revenge against Seo-Won, a scheme overheard by Hae-Na. In her dog form, she plans to record their scheme to falsely accuse Seo-Won of sexual harassment. Hae-Na, along with her sister, friend, and Yul, set out to rescue Seo-Won.

In a tense encounter, Seo-Won meets Jae-Hee, unaware that her friends are filming them. Just then, Hae-Na, in her dog form, intervenes, causing a distraction. Yul apprehends all the students involved, except Jae-Hee, who chases after Hae-Na.

Bo-Gyeom later confronts Jae-Hee, using supernatural powers and threats to warn her. The students face punishment for their actions, and Ji-Won expresses her gratitude to Hae-Na and Seo-Won for their help.

Hae-Na’s Not So Smart Move

A GOOD DAY TO BE A DOG EPISODE 5- Hae-Na tries to sneak out of Seo-Won's house.

With a field trip approaching, Hae-Na, pressed for time to remove the curse, seeks Yul’s assistance. Yul persuades Seo-Won to care for a dog overnight. However, both Yul and Hae-Na fall asleep, failing to carry out their plan. The episode concludes with a cliffhanger as during the next day, Hae-Na attempts to leave but is caught by Seo-Won.

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