Lisa Celebrates Joining Spotify’s Billions Club

Lisa, of global K-pop sensation BLACKPINK, has recently achieved a remarkable milestone on Spotify, garnering 1 billion streams for her solo track. This significant achievement was celebrated in a unique and personal way, as showcased in a video she uploaded on Tuesday.

Celebrating her win in style

In the video, Lisa is seen unveiling a plaque from Spotify … Commemorating her as the first female K-pop artist to have a track reach 1 billion streams on the platform. The plaque, a symbol of her incredible success, bore the message:

“Congrats on being the first female K-pop artist to have a track reach 1 billion streams in Spotify history!”

She achieved this milestone with her solo song Money from her debut solo single Lalisa, released in September 2021.

Spotify, recognizing this extraordinary feat, welcomed Lisa to their exclusive Billions Club in September with a celebratory tweet. However, Lisa’s celebration stands out due to the personal touch she added to it. In an interview with Spotify, instead of a conventional sit-down discussion, Lisa chose to cook her favourite Thai dish, khai jiao (a Thai-style omelette), and enjoy it right off her newly acquired trophy.

Chef Lisa

This personal and culinary twist not only showcased Lisa’s cooking skills but also had an unexpected ripple effect. Following the release of the video, khai jiao became a trending topic on Thai social media platforms.

News reports show a surge in sales of the dish, spotlighting a local shop famous for its omelette. The shop experienced a surge in customers, many of whom were fans eager to try the dish popularized by Lisa.

A news outlet reported, “Lisa’s display of cooking her favourite minced shrimp omelette boosted omelette rice sales. Many fans flocked to the restaurant.” This statement encapsulates the influence Lisa has, extending beyond music and into the culinary world.

Lisa’s unique way of celebrating her Spotify achievement not only highlights her connection to her Thai heritage … But also underscores the impact celebrities can have on cultural trends and local businesses. Her celebration brings a touch of her personal life to her fans worldwide, and in doing so, she has inadvertently boosted the popularity of a traditional Thai dish.

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