Seunghan of RIIZE caught in a whirlwind of scandals

Seunghan, a member of the popular K-pop group RIIZE, has recently found himself at the centre of multiple controversies. Since his early days in the industry, Seunghan has been the subject of various scandals, many of which appear to stem from breaches of his privacy. A significant factor in these incidents seems to be a friend with access to his personal Instagram account, leading to several unauthorized leaks.

Fast and Furious

The most recent series of leaks include a live stream video call between Seunghan and Soobin from TXT, as well as footage of Seunghan smoking, both of which have spread rapidly across social media platforms. The first incident, involving the video call, was leaked online, drawing immediate attention from fans and the media alike. However, this was just the beginning of Seunghan’s troubles.

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The joke about smoking comes back to haunt him

On November 18, 2023, another video surfaced on Twitter, showing Seunghan smoking on the streets. This footage, clearly showing him with a cigarette, added fuel to the ongoing controversy.

Seunghan joking about smoking
  • Friend: I’ve been always telling you to stop your live streams, and to not trust your friends too much. I said that it would so obviously be uploaded online. I’ve told you time and time again.
  • Seunghan: LOOOOOOL. But I see that at least the one of me smoking didn’t get uploaded.

Further complicating matters, a leaked screenshot of a text conversation revealed Seunghan’s nonchalant reaction to these leaks. In the conversation, he jokingly remarked that at least the footage of him smoking hadn’t been uploaded, unaware that it would soon be leaked as well.

From Get A Guitar to Getting A Cigarette.

The individual responsible for leaking the screenshot didn’t stop there. They proceeded to release various unreleased photos of Seunghan, presumably obtained through similar means. It appears that these leaks often originate from live streams Seunghan conducts with his friends, indicating a potential breach of trust within his inner circle.

Seunghan has been caught in a string of scandals.

Calls for Seunghan’s Departure from RIIZE Intensifies

Following a string of controversies, the intensity of public opinion has reached a point where many are calling for his withdrawal from the group, citing the severity of the situation and its impact on RIIZE’s reputation.

Social media platforms and online forums are flooded with comments from netizens expressing their frustration and disappointment. The general sentiment is that Seunghan’s departure might be the best course of action for the group’s future. Comments range from straightforward demands for his removal to expressions of disbelief and annoyance at the ongoing situation.

One netizen pointed out, “For real, him leaving would help the group. This is too severe.” Another echoed, “Kick him out, FR. Otherwise, make him withdraw by himself.” These statements reflect a growing impatience and dissatisfaction among fans and observers alike.

SM Entertainment remains silent

The controversies surrounding Seunghan have raised questions about the role and responsibility of SM Entertainment, the agency managing RIIZE. Many are wondering why the entertainment giant has not yet taken any decisive action in light of these events. This inaction has led to further speculation and criticism, with some netizens comparing Seunghan’s situation to other idols who have faced controversies.

A particular point of contention is the source of these leaks, with many questioning the security of Seunghan’s personal information and the trustworthiness of his inner circle. The situation has escalated to the point where Seunghan’s name has become more recognizable than those of other RIIZE members, overshadowing the group’s collective identity and efforts.

Some comments have taken a more critical tone, highlighting the perceived flaws in the idol industry and the challenges of managing public image and personal conduct. “The idol industry is based on doing whatever you want with shoddy construction anyway,” remarked one netizen, reflecting a sense of disillusionment with the industry’s standards.

As the controversy continues to unfold, Seunghan and SM Entertainment have remained silent on the scandals. This silence has only fueled more speculation and calls for action, leaving fans and the public in a state of anticipation for an official response. The situation underscores the delicate balance between personal conduct and public image in the idol industry, and how quickly public opinion can sway in the face of controversy.

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