Global Backing for Seunghan Amid Controversy

In the world of pop music, fan loyalty often becomes a battleground, especially when controversy strikes. The latest in this saga involves RIIZE’s Seunghan, whose recent controversy has led to a sharp divide between Korean and international fans.

Korean Fans Demand Exit, International Fans Rally in Support

Leaks of Seunghan smoking then joking about it has lead to yet another controversy surrounding the young idol.
Seunghan’s recent controversy over his smoking has divided Korean and International fans.

Following the release of Seunghan’s smoking video, Korean fans have voiced strong objections. The hashtag #TroubleMember_HongSeunghan_Out trended in South Korea, reflecting a growing discontent among local fans. They argue that Seunghan’s actions, coupled with past incidents like rumoured girlfriend photos and private livestream leaks, are negatively impacting RIIZE’s reputation.

International Fans Defend Seunghan

Tweets by international fans supporting Seunghan.

Contrasting the Korean fans’ stance, RIIZE’s international fanbase has launched a robust defence campaign for Seunghan. These supporters, spread across the globe, criticize the Korean “cancel culture” and highlight the minor nature of the accusations. They stress that Seunghan is also a victim, with his privacy breached by the leaks.

Seunghan Support Grows Amidst RIIZE Controversy

In response to the Korean backlash, international fans have initiated supportive hashtags for Seunghan. Their campaign includes heartfelt messages, assuring the idol of their unwavering support. “He is loved ‘just the way [he is]’ and fans ‘will always be by [his] side,'” echoes the sentiment of the global fanbase.

As the debate intensifies, neither SM Entertainment nor Seunghan has issued a statement. This silence leaves the fanbase in a state of suspense, with the international community’s support for Seunghan growing stronger in the face of Korean criticism.

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