New report claims BLACKPINK will remain under YG Entertainment

In the latest BLACKPINK contract renewal rumor, Korean news outlet Munhwa Ilbo claims the group will remain under YG Entertainment. However, it adds that BLACKPINK members Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé will not renew their individual contracts with the agency.

If the report is true, it would confirm earlier speculation about a ‘part-time contract‘ deal, which first emerged in September. At the time, the deal was said to allow for BLACKPINK to continue as a group, while giving members the freedom to choose their own projects.

YG comments on BLACKPINK speculation

However, it’s important to note that this information is based on speculation, and has not been officially confirmed by YG Entertainment or BLACKPINK’s representatives.

Following the report by Munhwa Ilbo, YG Entertainment stated that “nothing is confirmed, and we are still in discussion.” This echoed a similar statement the agency released last week.

On November 15, 2023 YG Entertainment confirmed that negotiations were focused on individual contracts between members. They added: “The outcome will be revealed … regarding major management issues related to investments.”

At the time, industry observers believed that both parties were closer than ever to a resolution regarding the issue.

Fans voice frustration over lack of confirmation

The latest contract renewal news has drawn a mixed response from BLINKs, who have been awaiting updates on the group’s future. Several voiced their frustration over how long negotiations have been taking place.

Among the comments found online:

  • “It’s been months past the typical negotiation timeline. I think the only world where we can expect concrete news to drop any time soon is one where either [BABYMONSTER]’s debut blows up so much that the company thinks it’s safe to deliver bad news without tanking stocks, or one where a [BLACKPINK] member goes full bridge-burning for whatever reason and releases information against YG’s wishes.”
  • “I’m ok with them disbanding and never talking again if it means that I don’t have to see another “YG Entertainment Comments on…’.”
  • “This is so tiring because I am certain that the decision is already made just not officially announced.”
  • “I think they’ve got an investor call coming up, so they literally have to confirm whether or not BLACKPINK is still operational in order to be in open communication with their investors. I think we might get news sooner than we think.”

The K-Pop community is closely monitoring the ongoing reports about BLACKPINK’s potential future with YG Entertainment. This report highlights the group’s significant impact on the music industry and their status as global music icons.

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