SUPER JUNIOR’s Kyuhyun injured, saved co-star from knife attack

SUPER JUNIOR’s Kyuhyun was left injured following a knife attack at a theater where he was performing in a musical. The attack on November 19, 2023 took place in the actors’ dressing room after the musical performance had ended. According to news reports today, Kyuhyun was injured while saving a co-star from the attacker, who has since been arrested.

How the knife attack took place

News reports revealed that a woman, known only as Miss A, illegally entered the dressing room of the theater in Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul. News reports did not name the theater involved. However, it is widely known that Kyuhyun is performing in the musical Ben-Hur at Seoul’s LG Arts Center.

Kyuhyun from Super Junior and co-stars of Ben Hur
Kyuhyun shared this photo of him and his ‘Ben Hur’ musical co-stars in September.

Miss A allegedly attempted to attack one of the musical’s male stars with her weapon. Kyuhyun was standing nearby and immediately intervened to protect his co-star from the knife attack. He quickly restrained the woman, and his brave actions resulted in a minor injury to his hand.

Police from the Seoul Gangseo Police Station arrived on the scene and took Miss A into custody. Investigations are currently looking into her mental state, as well as how she obtained the knife.

Statement from Kyuhyun’s agency

Following the news reports, Kyuhyun’s agency Antenna, promptly addressed the situation, confirming that the idol “received immediate medical attention at the scene”.

On social media, several netizens said they had observed a bandage around Kyuhyun’s finger as he left the theater. They said the idol was in good spirits, and even took time to wave to fans outside.

Kyuhyun from Super Junior backstage at Ben Hur before the knife attack
Kyuhyun shared this image of him taken just before the final ‘Ben Hur’ performance on Nov 19.

Fan reactions to the incident

While fans praised Kyuhyun for his quick thinking and courage, this incident has raised concerns about the safety of artists in public spaces. It also highlighted the need for stricter security measures in entertainment venue.

Among the reactions seen online:

  • “I’m very impressed that he did intervene, but incredibly disappointed that he had to. Theatres are going to have to up their security after this for sure, this never should have happened.”
  • “This is just horrible. So there wasn’t any security for him and the other actors? I’m really glad no one was seriously hurt.”
  • “I’m so upset for Kyu. This was supposed to be a magical night to celebrate his last Ben Hur performances, and instead he had to almost face serious injury … I hope Antenna allows him some rest and he gets to chill and recover and I hope theaters up their security.”
  • “Hopefully, measures will be taken to protect against this in the future, so bystanders don’t have to put themselves in risky situations to protect others.”

Fans are hoping the entertainment industry will reassess and strengthen their security protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of all artists and staff involved in productions.

We wish Kyuhyun a speedy recovery!

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