Seunghan’s Photocard Value Plummets: Netizens Weigh In

Despite RIIZE’s recent debut, Seunghan has found himself embroiled in a series of controversies. This has impacted his reputation and now, seemingly, the value of his merchandise. Seunghan’s photocards have dropped significantly in value of late.

The Decline in Photocard Value

A recent online forum post revealed the selling prices of RIIZE members’ “lucky draw” photocards. Notably, Seunghan’s card is priced significantly lower than his peers, at approximately 3,500 won ($2.70 USD), compared to prices ranging from 22,000 to 30,000 won for other members.

Netizens’ Diverse Opinions

Netizens have expressed mixed reactions to this development. Some argue that Seunghan’s photocards have historically been less valuable, especially in comparison to popular members like Wonbin and Anton. Others are surprised by the low price, considering the usual high value of such collectables. There’s also a segment of netizens who question the overall culture of high-priced photocards.

The Impact of Scandals

RIIZE's Seunghan Faces Mounting Scandals

Seunghan’s involvement in various scandals … Including a controversial livestream and a smoking incident, has led to calls for his departure from the group. These incidents have not only tarnished his image but also seem to have had a tangible effect on the market value of his merchandise.

Awaiting SM Entertainment’s Response

As of now, SM Entertainment has not commented on Seunghan’s controversies. The industry and fans are keenly observing whether SM will choose to back or distance itself from the troubled idol.

The situation surrounding Seunghan and RIIZE is a reflection of the delicate balance between celebrity image and market value in the K-Pop industry. The response from SM Entertainment and the subsequent market reaction will be crucial in determining the future course for Seunghan and the group.

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