Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 14 – Recap and Review

Episode 14 – Forwarned Bloodbath

The latest episode of Strong Girl Nam-Soon heightens the drama as Shi-Oh learns of Nam-Soon’s true identity, leading to a series of bloody events.

Shi-Oh’s Plot and Na-Young’s Dilemma

Shi-Oh, upon discovering that Tsegtseg is Nam-Soon, reacts with intense anger, setting the stage for more sinister schemes. Meanwhile, Na-young returns to the news station, visibly troubled, catching Geum-Ju’s attention.

Geum-Ju’s Quick Action

Geum-Ju, quick to perceive the danger, uses her connections to rescue Na-young’s sister, showcasing her resourcefulness and determination. The episode also highlights the inertia of the legal system through a critical broadcast on Geum-Ju TV.

Secret Bunker and Family Bonds

Hee-sik and his team find refuge in a secret bunker at Geum-Ju’s home, a strategic move for their ongoing investigation. The narrative then shifts to a heartwarming scene where Nam-Soon reunites with her Mongolian mother, finding joy and contentment in her family’s embrace.

Unexpected Encounters and Emotional Turmoil

Nam-Soon and her mother explore Busan, while Geum-Ju’s visit to the harbour leads to an unexpected encounter with Song Bread. His backstory as an orphan selling chocolate pie in Russia adds depth to his character.

The episode takes an emotional turn as Bong-Go, witnessing Geum-Ju with Song Bread, jumps to conclusions about their relationship. His reaction, filled with tears and confusion, adds a layer of complexity to his character.

Joong-Gan’s attempt to legally separate from her husband faces strong resistance, highlighting the challenges in her personal life. Meanwhile, Hwa-Ja, now known as Myung-Hee, appears to be living a content life, thanks to Geum-Ju’s support.

Tragedy strikes when Hwa-Ja is fatally stabbed and Shi-Oh’s merciless nature is further revealed as he watches her die. The episode concludes with Shi-Oh’s ruthless actions escalating, including the murder of a judge and threatening Nam-Soon. Despite Shi-Oh’s betrayal and his dangerous nature, Nam-Soon, backed by powerful allies, prepares to confront him.

Oppa’s Thoughts

As we approach the climax of Strong Girl Nam-Soon, the intensity escalates, especially for Shi-Oh, who finds his world collapsing. In a desperate and ruthless move, he lashes out, targeting those he believes have betrayed him. This includes orchestrating attacks on Geum-Ju’s family and the tragic demise of Hwa-Ja, portrayed by Choi Hee-Jin.

Choi Hee-Jin, certainly can be a rising star in the acting world. She has previously appeared in smaller roles, such as in Snowdrop and more recently in Behind Your Touch. In the latter, she played a self-absorbed influencer whose fate mirrors that of her character Hwa-Ja in Strong Girl Nam-Soon – both characters meet their end through stabbing. It’s a hope that Hee-Jin, with her evident talent and versatility, will be given opportunities to explore a wider range of characters in future roles.

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