ADOR slams rumors about NEWJEANS members’ education, teeth

NEWJEANS’ agency ADOR has released a strong statement regarding recent rumors about the group members. The statement clarified some of the misconceptions that have been circulating online, particularly concerning members Hanni and Hyein.

How the rumors started

On November 21, 2023, Hanni held a livestream in which she said that ADOR had stopped her from continuing her Korean lessons. She claimed that this was despite her personal desire to improve her language skills.

A small group of fans accused ADOR of intentionally restricting Hanni in order to maintain her ‘appeal’ as a foreign-born idol. This then led to further accusations regarding the company’s treatment of its other members, especially Hyein.

Several claimed that 15-year-old Hyein was forced to have her teeth ‘laminated’. They also claimed she was not attending regular school classes.

Even though Hanni later said her statement was only a joke, the debate continued to spread online.

ADOR sets the record straight

In its statement published on social media, ADOR clarified that they hired tutors and scheduled classes “based on the needs of NEWJEANS members”. This included Korean language classes, and they clarified that Hanni recently took a “separate language class”.

They clarified that Hyein’s parents decided that she would “take the school equivalency exam and pursue homeschooling”. ADOR also said that while Hyein did start a dental program prior to becoming a trainee, it was with the consent of her parents. The program “aimed at improving dental alignment safely”. They also assured fans rumors that Hyein had her teeth laminated were “not true”.

‘Refrain from unfounded speculations’

The statement ended with ADOR assuring fans that they supported NEWJEANS members’ decisions on their work and personal lives.

The statement ended: “ADOR will fulfill our responsibilities with dedication and commitment … Therefore, we sincerely request that you refrain from unfounded speculations and exaggerated interpretations regarding privacy matters concerning the members.

This statement was warmly received by Bunnies, with many praising ADOR for their swift action in shutting down the rumors about NEWJEANS.

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