Seunghan apologizes to fans after indefinite suspension from RIIZE

Following days of controversy after a series of video leaks involving RIIZE member Seunghan, SM Entertainment announced that the young idol would be taking a break from the group. Seunghan has since released a handwritten note on Weverse apologizing to fans for his recent scandals.

What Seunghan wrote

A translation of Seunghan’s statement reads: “Hello, I’m Seunghan. First of all, I’d like to say I’m really sorry. I know very well that my rash actions in the past are hurting too many people now. I’m really reflecting on myself.

“I want to say sorry to the fans and RIIZE members who supported me. I am deeply reflecting on myself because I think I have caused too much damage at a time when I have to work harder than ever and focus more than ever.

“I’ll really reflect on myself so that I can become a better person. Once again, I want to say sorry to the members, the fans, and the staff.”

For now, RIIZE will continue their activities with the remaining six members. SM Entertainment also announced plans to take legal action against the unauthorized distribution of Seunghan’s private media.

Seunghan apologizes to fans after indefinite suspension from RIIZE
Seunghan’s handwritten apology note which was released on Weverse.

Fan reactions to Seunghan’s suspension

Many fans voiced their sympathy for Seunghan, pointing out that the bigger issue was the invasion of privacy, with his personal videos getting leaked. Among the comments found online:

  • “That’s not fair … he just debuted and has to deal with so much when he never did anything bad, meanwhile some problematic people just get nothing.”
  • “Seems like based on the statement this is a personal decision from Seunghan and SM seems to acknowledge this is a violation of their artists’ privacy. SM better push through sue those a**holes.”
  • “He must feel so violated and betrayed. And guilty too. I mean, having a girlfriend is normal. Smoking is normal … It’s not great, but PLEASE let’s be real. He doesn’t have anything to feel guilty over, but guilt isn’t rational and he would be made to feel guilty because of all the stupid blowback.”
  • “The forethought required to record and save your ‘friend’s’ social media stuff pre-debut just in case you could use it for something like this is genuinely so vile and messed in the head. I feel so bad for Seunghan because that most of all would seriously f*** with me mentally.”

It is certainly unfortunate that the situation has escalated to this point. We wish Seunghan all the best during his time away from RIIZE. At the same time, we hope that SM Entertainment will take action against the individuals who leaked the videos, as it is a clear violation of artists’ privacy.

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