III’s AI DEEPFAKE MV Stirs Online Debate

In a groundbreaking move that blurs the lines between technology and entertainment, the pre-debut single Forbidden Midnight by III, an AI Idol Group, has sparked widespread debate and intrigue.

III’s Innovative Debut

(L-R) AI Idol group III’s members Vivi, Yan, Evie, Ahra and Nicole.

Big Ocean ENM’s latest creation, the rookie girl group III, has released their much-anticipated MV for Forbidden Midnight. Comprising Vivi, Nicole, Ahra, Yan, and Evie, this five-member group is set to officially debut in early 2024.

Speculations Turn to Confirmation

Long-standing speculations about III being an AI-generated group gained traction with the release of their MV. Big Ocean ENM’s cryptic comments about using a “unique system” for iii’s launch in 2024 added to the mystery.

Netizens’ Mixed Reactions to the MV

The Forbidden Midnight MV quickly became a topic of discussion. Netizens labelled the video as “scary” and “horrific,” pointing out the unnatural results of combining deep fake technology with real dancers. The “unblinking” appearance of the members added to the eerie effect.

Deep Fake Technology Under Scrutiny

The use of deep fake technology in III’s MV has raised questions about the ethical implications of AI in entertainment. Comments from viewers ranged from concerns about the lifeless appearance of the members to the unsettling quality of the AI-generated faces.

The debut of III’s Forbidden Midnight MV marks a significant moment in the entertainment industry, challenging our perceptions of reality and technology. As we step into this new direction, the conversation around the ethical use of AI in entertainment continues to evolve.

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