A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 7 – Recap and Review

Episode 7 of A Good Day to Be a Dog introduces the evil Kang Eun-Hwan the main culprit and cause of Jin Seo-Won’s trauma. Currently working as a gossip reporter, Eun-Hwan sets his sights on Han Hae-Na and her family’s secret.

Eun-Hwan’s Malicious Discovery

A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 7 – Kang Eun-Hwan is the new antagonist of the series.

The episode opens with Kang Eun-Hwan (Kim Min-Seok), stumbling upon a startling revelation about Jin Seo-Won (Cha Eun-Woo), whom he once tormented. Eun-Hwan’s penchant for spreading rumours online finds a new target in Han Hae-Na’s (Park Gyu-Young) mysterious story.

Seo-Won and Hae-Na’s Tense Encounter

Hae-Na, planning to reveal her curse to Seo-Won, unexpectedly comes across a tense confrontation between him and Eun-Hwan. Eun-Hwan’s past deeds come to light, dramatically heightening the tension and bringing Hae-Na’s secret to the brink of exposure.

Yul’s Pretense and Heartfelt Connection

A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 7 – Hae-Na and Yul pretends to be a couple.

In a humorous yet touching subplot, Hae-Na’s sister, Han Yu-Na (Ryu Abel), enlists Choi Yul (Yoon Hyun-Soo) to impersonate Hae-Na’s boyfriend. After their mother visits and discovers the activation of Hae-Na’s curse, the situation intensifies. Their efforts to maintain this facade lead to some amusing situations.

Seo-Won’s Romantic Gestures and Hae-Na’s Dilemma

Seo-Won diligently prepares for romantic dates and rehearses confessions of love towards Hae-Na. Hae-Na shares a candid moment with her mother, revealing that Yul isn’t the man she kissed. Hae-Na, feeling responsible, apologizes to Yul for unintentionally involving him in her personal issues. Yul surprises Hae-Na with an invitation to Seo-Won’s birthday dinner, which she gladly accepts.

Eun-Hwan’s Intrusive Pursuit

Eun-Hwan’s obsession with uncovering Hae-Na’s secrets escalates as he resorts to illegal means to delve into her life. His relentless pursuit leads him to plant hidden cameras, desperately seeking to expose her secret. This invasive behaviour adds a lot of tension to the episode, highlighting the risks Hae-Na faces.

Seo-Won and Hae-Na’s Emotional Moments

A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 7 – Celebrating Seo-Won's birthday.

Amidst Eun-Hwan’s scheming, Seo-Won and Hae-Na share tender moments, including a birthday celebration and an arcade visit. These scenes are tinged with melancholy as Yul feels left out. He quietly departs, leaving Seo-Won and Hae-Na to confront their feelings. Seo-Won and Hae-Na try to confess their feelings to each other, but both hesitate, revealing the complexity of their relationship.

Mysteries and Protective Measures

The episode also delves into the mysterious past of Min Ji-Ah and the enigmatic Lee Bo-Gyeom. We still do not know Bo-Gyeom’s true intentions but it seems likely that he has something to do with Hae-Na’s curse.

Eun-Hwan’s relentless pursuit of Hae-Na’s secret leads him to Garam High School, where a chance encounter with Seo-Won sets off a chain of events, culminating in a protective embrace that symbolizes the deepening bond between Seo-Won and Hae-Na.

Mysteries and Protective Measures

Episode 7 of A Good Day to Be a Dog is a whirlwind of love, secrets, and peril that leaves viewers teetering on the brink of anticipation. The episode blends elements of suspense with deep emotional impact as Se-Won, who is still haunted by his past tries to make sense of his growing affection for Hae-Na. The inclusion of Eun-Hwan raises the stakes as he seeks to expose Hae-Na’s secret and hurt Seo-Won at the same time.

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