International Fans Rally Behind Embattled Seunghan

The K-pop news cycle has been taken over by the recent developments surrounding Seunghan of RIIZE. With a divided fanbase taking to online forums and social media to express their views on a daily basis.

Seunghan’s Turbulent Journey

Seunghan’s path with RIIZE has been fraught with challenges, leading to an indefinite hiatus announced by SM Entertainment. This decision has sparked varied reactions across different fan bases. Korean fans have been calling for his removal from RIIZE with some commenting:

  • Just withdraw him.
  • How fast.
  • Just withdraw like this, what “hiatus.”
  • Withdraw~~~
  • Please withdraw.
  • To be honest, it’s not even a big mistake, but in the idol industry where so many people are sick in their minds, if someone says that’s a crime, then it is. I just feel so bad that he has to be sworn at and threatened over something like this. I’m not asking his fans to fangirl on him, but I’m just commenting on how insane the industry is.

International Fans Show Solidarity

While K-netizens were quick to crucify Seunghan for the various controversies following his debut with RIIZE, international fans have shown unwavering support for Seunghan. Their approach to voicing their support has been bold and innovative.

A Show of Support at SM Entertainment

On November 23, a significant gesture of support was visible outside SM Entertainment’s offices. Fans from across the globe sent support trucks with messages of solidarity and hope for Seunghan.

Trucks with messages of support were sent by fans to SM Entertainment. The above message reads: Briize will be on Seunghan’s side till the end

Fans worldwide continue to hope for a positive resolution for Seunghan. Fans are hoping that Seunghan’s indefinite hiatus will just be a short break from the group.

Oppa’s thoughts

In my opinion, the recent calls for Seunghan’s removal from RIIZE seem a bit premature. Despite his involvement in a kissing scandal, making ill-advised comments on social media, and being caught smoking on camera, we must remember that Seunghan is only 20 years old. It’s likely that many of those calling for his removal have had their own missteps at a young age. I can personally attest that my twenties were anything but uneventful.

It’s important to acknowledge that while celebrities and idols are held to high standards, they also require proper guidance. This responsibility falls on SM Entertainment, which should provide a supportive and nurturing environment. This is essential not only for an idol’s professional growth but also for their development into well-rounded human beings.

Often, idols like Seunghan leave their families at a young age, sometimes as young as 13, to join intensive training programs. In such cases, it becomes imperative for the adults in their professional lives to act as positive role models.

Recently, SM Entertainment’s management of its talents has been somewhat underwhelming, especially when compared to other major agencies. From various slip-ups with more established groups like RED VELVET and NCT to complaints from artists who have left the company, it seems that SM Entertainment should accept some responsibility for Seunghan’s continued controversies.

As for Seunghan himself, it’s crucial for him to reflect on these events and view them as life lessons. I believe in giving people a second chance and feel that Seunghan deserves one. #StandWithSeunghan

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