Vigilante Episode 2 – Recap and Review


Episode 2 of Vigilante begins with the news of Deuk-Heung’s death sending ripples through the media. The police, grappling with the aftermath, delve into the significance of the bloody message left by the vigilante at the crime scene.

A detective recognizes the message as a quote from the Tao Te Ching, symbolizing a heavenly net that ensnares sinners. This revelation sparks a debate among the officers about the morality of the vigilante’s actions, especially considering the recent attack on one of their own.

The Police’s Dilemma

Vigilante Episode 2 – The public is engrossed with the Vigilante

Despite the moral quandaries, the police reaffirm their duty to apprehend the vigilante, now wanted for murder. Their investigation suggests premeditation but no intent to conceal the crime, as evidenced by the conspicuous message. However, the police face a significant hurdle: public sentiment is increasingly in favour of the vigilante, who is seen as more effective in dealing with criminals than the legal system. This public support is further fueled by Repo25h’s sensational broadcast of the crime scene photos.

A Profiler’s Involvement

Vigilante Episode 2 – Professor Joon-Yeob joins the hunt for the Vigilante.

Amidst the chaos, Professor Joon-Yeob is called upon to assist the police in profiling the vigilante. Before departing, he reminds his students, Seon-Wook and Ji-Yong, to continue working on the profiling app but cautions them against taking their work outside his office. The professor’s interaction with the detective leading the case and his visit to the crime scene highlight the public’s mixed reactions, ranging from support for the vigilante to criticism of the police’s efforts.

Media Manipulation and Public Opinion

Vigilante Episode 2 – Mi-Ryeo continues to highlight criminals for the Vigilante.

The episode also delves into the media’s role in shaping public opinion. Mi-Ryeo, a reporter at Repo25h, is determined to pursue the vigilante story to its conclusion, despite criticisms of sensationalism. She asserts her control over the narrative, pushing her boss to intensify their coverage. By selecting specific stories for broadcast, she aims to influence the vigilante’s actions and distract the police.

Discussions at the Police Academy

Back at the police academy, Ji-Yong and his friends engage in a light-hearted discussion about the vigilante, drawing parallels between the vigilante’s traits and Ji-Yong’s own personality. This conversation takes a serious turn when Repo25h airs a show featuring three different crimes, with the family murder case particularly resonating with Ji-Yong.

Ji-Yong’s Secret Investigation

Later, Ji-Yong covertly accesses Professor Joon-Yeob’s office to research the family murder case. He uncovers the details of a gruesome crime committed by Seo Doo-Yeop in July 2018, where a family was brutally murdered. Doo-Yeop’s light sentence and his return to a life of partying and drug dealing incite Ji-Yong’s sense of justice.

A Missed Opportunity

The following weekend, Ji-Yong accompanies his friends to a club frequented by Doo-Yeop, intending to confront him. However, an accidental encounter with drugs leaves Ji-Yong incapacitated, unable to act against Doo-Yeop. Overhearing a conversation at the club, Ji-Yong learns more about Doo-Yeop’s criminal activities and his methods for evading harsh punishment.

Despite the setback, Ji-Yong remains determined. He resumes his investigation into Doo-Yeop, gathering information about his schedule and criminal operations. In a calculated move, Ji-Yong leaves a message for Doo-Yeop, offering him a chance to repent and subtly warning him of the consequences of his actions.

The Downfall of Doo-Yeop

As the episode progresses, Ji-Yong’s strategic approach to dealing with Doo-Yeop becomes evident. He discreetly follows Doo-Yeop, learning about his drug dealings and financial secrets. Ji-Yong’s intervention is subtle yet impactful – he leaves a note for Doo-Yeop with a narcotics detective’s contact, hinting at the possibility of redemption. Doo-Yeop, rattled by this mysterious message, seeks help from his associate, Sung-Yeol, to investigate the number, only to discover it belongs to a DEA agent in Busan.

Unaware of Ji-Yong’s watchful presence, Doo-Yeop continues his illicit activities, picking up drugs from his boss and receiving his share of the profits. His inquiries about the drugs, however, raise suspicions among his criminal associates. The situation escalates when the police raid the club, forcing Doo-Yeop to flee in panic.

Ji-Yong’s Decisive Action

Vigilante Episode 2 – The Vigilante takes on Doo-Yeop
Vigilante Episode 2 – Ji-Yong brings his own brand of justice to Doo-Yeop.

Ji-Yong, having already seized Doo-Yeop’s secret stash of money, watches as Doo-Yeop desperately searches for it. In a dramatic confrontation, Ji-Yong calls Doo-Yeop, expressing his disappointment at the missed opportunity for the police to apprehend him. He then sets the money ablaze, provoking a physical altercation. Despite Doo-Yeop’s resistance, he is no match for Ji-Yong, who initially offers him a chance to repent. Doo-Yeop’s stubbornness, however, seals his fate as Ji-Yong resorts to lethal force.

The Aftermath and Public Reaction

The following morning, the police discover the scene of Doo-Yeop’s demise. The head detective, determined to maintain control, restricts media access. Meanwhile, the public’s support for the vigilante grows, with many opposing the police investigation. This sentiment is reflected in various media discussions, where reporters express mixed views on the vigilante’s actions.

At Repo25h, the success of their coverage is evident, but Mi-Ryeo is far from satisfied. Dismissing celebrations, she demands her team refocus on uncovering any leads in the Doo-Yeop case. Her determination to expose the vigilante intensifies, even as the police withhold information.

A Shift in Police Strategy

Vigilante Episode 2 – Supercop Cho-Heon is sent to catch the Vigilante.

In response to the decreasing crime rate and public opinion, the police merge their investigative team with the regional unit, hoping to expedite the resolution of the vigilante case. Despite initial reluctance, the local police agree to cooperate with the regional unit, led by the astute Cho-Heon.

Cho-Heon wastes no time in pursuing leads, confronting Sung-Yeol for information about Doo-Yeop’s recent activities. After a tense interrogation, Sung-Yeol reveals limited details, suggesting that if someone was tailing Doo-Yeop at the club, they must be young. Cho-Heon, determined to resolve the case, assures his contacts of his commitment to ending the vigilante’s reign.

The episode concludes with Mi-Ryeo revisiting the crime scene, while Ji-Yong, undeterred by the escalating situation, continues his rigorous training in boxing. The narrative sets the stage for further developments in the vigilante’s crusade against injustice and the ensuing cat-and-mouse game with the police.

Oppa’s Thoughts

Vigilante intriguingly explores the concept of justice, presenting various perspectives that provoke thought among its viewers. It raises a compelling question: What actions would one take if the law falls short in delivering justice to victims?

The narrative pacing of the series has been meticulously tight, contributing to an engaging and enjoyable viewing experience. The actors portraying the main leads excel in their roles, effectively conveying the complex motivations of their characters.

Overall, Vigilante is shaping up to be another successful offering from Disney+, following in the footsteps of the critically acclaimed Moving and Big Bet.

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