My Demon Episode 1 Recap and Review

* This review contains spoilers for Episode 1 of My Demon

My Demon is a captivating fantasy romantic-comedy series revolving around a demon, Jeong Gu-Won, who unexpectedly loses his powers. In a twist of fate, he becomes entangled with Do Do-hee, the spirited and assertive heir to the Mirei Group. Gu-Won must form a marriage contract with Do-hee, as she becomes the key to regaining his abilities. Their relationship soon evolves from a contractual agreement to a hellish romantic entanglement.

Episode 1: Living in the Mist

The first episode of My Demon introduces viewers to a world where demons and humans coexist in a complex relationship. Jeong Gu-Won (Song Kang) is a demon who exploits human fears to forge soul-binding contracts. We see his journey as a demon, starting from the Joseon era. He has a low opinion of humans, believing that evil resides in their hearts, making them easy prety for demons.

In the present day, he continues his work, signing contracts with greedy humans. He adopts the identity of a philanthropist, promoting traditional arts. Only two people know his real identity: Park Bok-Gyu (Heo Jeong-Do), the first human who contracted him 200 years ago, and Jin Ga-Young (Jo Hye-Joo), a dancer who also has a crush on him.

His life takes a turn when he meets Do Do-Hee (Kim Yoo-Jung), a top executive in the vast Mirae Group empire. Do-Hee is a cold, ruthless businesswoman who has a soft spot for her adoptive mother, Madam Ju (Kim Hae-Sook). However, Do-Hee is hated by the rest of Chairman Ju’s family, as they do not want her to inherit their family empire.

Kim Yoo Jung in My Demon

Sparks fly between them

Gu-Won and Do-Hee accidentally meet when she gets the venues mixed up for her blind date. The two feel a mutual attraction, but their opposing personalities cause them to dismiss each other.

Do-Hee then hears of a plot to sabotage her division, hatched by Madam Ju’s daughter Noh Su-Ahn (Lee Joon-Yi). While on her way back from a failed attempt to confront Su-Ahn, she is suddenly kidnapped by a mysterious assassin.

Gu-Won, sensing a potential victim, arrives to negotiate a contract with Do-Hee to save her life. However, the assassin tries to run them over, and they fall into the sea. Do-Hee reaches for Gu-Won’s hand, leading to his demonic powers being transferred to her, in the form of a tattoo. The episode ends with Gu-Won staring at Do-Hee, horrified at how things have turned out.

What we thought of the episode

The premiere episode of My Demon is a captivating blend of genres, seamlessly integrating elements of comedy, suspense, and supernatural fantasy. Song Kang’s portrayal of Gu-Won is captivating, as he skillfully balances the character’s sinister nature with unexpected comedic timing.

Kim Yoo-Jung’s performance as Do-Hee adds a compelling layer to the narrative, portraying a character who is both strong-willed and vulnerable. Both she and Song Kang have good chemistry together, and it will be interesting to see how the romance between their characters develops.

The episode has a mix of action-packed sequences, light-hearted moments, and a suspenseful storyline. The episode also presents a mystery regarding the assassin’s reasons for targeting Do-Hee. We look forward to finding out why, and how it related to her relationship with Madam Ju.

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