My Demon Episode 2 Recap and Review

* This review contains spoilers for Episode 2 of My Demon

My Demon is a captivating fantasy romantic-comedy series revolving around a demon, Jung Gu-Won, who unexpectedly loses his powers. In a twist of fate, he becomes entangled with Do Do-hee, the spirited and assertive heir to the Mirei Group. Gu-Won must form a marriage contract with Do-hee, as she becomes the key to regaining his abilities. Their relationship soon evolves from a contractual agreement to a hellish romantic entanglement.

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Episode 2: Everyone Has a Demon in Their Heart

In the second episode, the story delves deeper into the consequences of the power shift between Gu-Won (Song Kang) and Do-Hee (Kim Yoo-Jung). Do-Hee faints, and Gu-Won takes her to the hospital. He demands that she return his powers, but she throws him out, believing that he is a madman.

Gu-won finds himself in a predicament, and now has to deal with being mortal. His secretary, Park Bok-Gyu (Heo Jeong-Do), finds the situation amusing. However, Gu-Won is desperate to get his powers back, especially after he gets beaten by an athlete whose soul he was supposed to claim.

He looks into Do-Hee’s origins, and learns that her parents died in a car accident, and she was adopted by Mirae Group’s founder Madam Ju (Kim Hae-Sook) as a child.

Meanwhile, Do-Hee resumes her normal life. Remembering the assassin’s words, she meets with Madam Ju, asking if she is hiding anything. Madam Ju denies it, and Do-Hee believes her. Do-Hee later meets Noh Su-Ahn (Lee Joon-Yi), and blackmails her into ending her attempts at corporate sabotage.

Trying to find a solution

Madam Ju visits a church, and frets about having to ‘hide the truth’ from Do-Hee. In a flashback, we see that she was present at the accident that killed Do-Hee’s parents, but it is unclear what role she played in it.

Gu-Won meets with Do-Hee, and he explains that he can only use his powers when he is holding her hand. He then takes her with him to claim a soul, pretending that it is all a game.

He then takes her to the riverside and throws her in to try to recreate the situation that originally transferred his powers. This fails, and an angry Do-Hee breaks down over this latest ‘attempt to kill her’. The two then part, with Gu-Won frustrated that he cannot get his powers back.

The episode ends with a montage of various people who appear to be wishing Do-Hee harm, and Do-Hee is almost splashed with acid by a masked motorcyclist. Fortunately, Gu-Won shows up to protect her, and the two stare into each other’s eyes, realizing that their fates are now linked.

What we thought of the episode

Episode 2 of My Demon excels in further developing the characters and the intricacies of their interconnected fates. The episode skillfully balances lighter, comedic moments with the darker themes of betrayal and corporate intrigue.

The evolving dynamic between Gu-Won and Do-Hee is intriguing, hinting at a complex relationship that will likely be central to the series. Song Kang’s portrayal of a demon suddenly stripped of his powers adds a delightful comedic element to the show, while Kim Yoo-jung’s portrayal of Do-Hee showcases her character’s strength and determination.

The episode maintains the momentum established in the premiere, promising a series that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. We can’t wait to see what challenges await Gu-Won and Do-Hee in the next episode!

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