2023 MAMA Awards Day 1: Spectacular start with a galaxy of stars

The 2023 MAMA Awards kicked off its first day with a bang at Tokyo Dome, Japan. This year’s ceremony promised an array of attractions. These included performances by top K-pop acts and appearances by renowned actors as award presenters.

The first day was hosted by K-pop solo artist Jeon So-Mi, setting the stage for an evening of glamour and talent. The performance lineup included INI, JO1, JUST B, TVXQ!, XIKERS, &TEAM, ENHYPEN, KEP1ER, TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), and participants from Mnet’s Street Women Fighter 2.

The event also featured collaborative performances in four segments: Theme, Super, Mega, and Wonder. Each segment showcased unique blend of talents.

The awards ceremony was graced by actors Ryu Seung-Ryong, Park Eun-Bin, Ahn Jae-Hong, Lee Je-Hoon, Jung Kyung-Ho, and Cha Seung-Won. There were also K-pop luminaries such as Uhm Jung-Hwa, 2PM’s Lee Junho, GIRLS’ GENERATION’s Choi Soo-Young, and Hwang Min-Hyun. The presence of these celebrities added to the event’s allure.

BTS win Worldwide Icon of the Year

The first day’s highlight was the awarding of the Samsung Galaxy Worldwide Icon of the Year. The award went to BTS for the sixth consecutive year. The Worldwide Fans’ Choice (Bonsang) awards recognized the achievements of ATEEZ, BTS, ENHYPEN, Lim Young Woong, NCT DREAM, SEVENTEEN, STRAY KIDS, TWICE, TXT, and ZEROBASEONE.

The Favorite New Artist award was shared by RIIZE and ZEROBASEONE, marking their significant impact in the industry.

Other notable awards included the Inspiring Achievement awarded to TVXQ, and the Galaxy Neo Flip Artist to TREASURE. Favorite Asian Girl Group went to KEP1ER, while Favorite Asian Boy Group went to INI. Favorite International Artist went to Yoshiki.

The first day of the 2023 MAMA Awards set a high bar for entertainment and recognition in the K-pop world, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the second day’s events and performances.

Check out some pictures from Day 1 of the 2023 MAMA Awards, from the official Instagram page:

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