ATTRAKT Engages Top Law Firm for Cupid Copyright Dispute

CEO Jun Hong-Joon’s ATTRAKT addresses the contentious copyright issue of the song Cupid. The company has appointed the esteemed law firm Kim & Chang to handle the legal intricacies of this case.

ATTRAKT has publicly recognised the severity of the alleged wrongdoing in the Cupid copyright registration process. ATTRAKT commits to settling the Cupid copyright issue by hiring the legal firm Kim & Chang.

This move follows ATTRAKT’s earlier legal action on June 27, where they filed a criminal complaint against The Givers’ CEO, Ahn Sung-Il, at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul. The charges include a range of serious allegations, from obstruction of business to embezzlement.

Legal Strategy

Attorney Eun Hyun-Oh from Kim & Chang, representing ATTRAKT, has outlined the firm’s approach. The legal team will focus on the unauthorized registration and reduction of copyright interests, including those related to FIFTY FIFTY member KEENA’s creative contributions.

Kim & Chang has formed a specialized team of copyright law experts, gearing up for the impending legal proceedings. Their goal is to ensure a comprehensive and effective resolution to the Cupid copyright dispute.

With Kim & Chang’s involvement, ATTRAKT is poised to address the Cupid copyright issue head-on. The firm’s expertise in copyright law positions them to navigate the complexities of this high-profile case, aiming for a resolution that upholds the integrity of copyright law and artistic rights.

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