Police continue to probe Lee Sun-Kyun and G-Dragon over drug use

In a surprising turn of events … The police have declared their intention to continue investigating actor Lee Sun-Kyun and singer G-Dragon for drug-related charges. This is despite both celebrities testing negative for drug use. This decision has sparked a debate over the investigative process and its implications.

Ongoing Investigative Challenges

The Incheon Police Agency has recently decided against extending G-Dragon’s travel ban. Conversely, they are contemplating prolonging Lee Sun-Kyun’s travel restriction. These developments mark a critical juncture in the ongoing investigation, highlighting the complexities faced by the authorities.

Significant developments occurred on November 27, with a warrant review for Mr A, a doctor accused of supplying drugs to Lee Sun-Kyun and others. Despite being identified as a supplier by an entertainment manager, the court denied his arrest warrant.

Public Criticism and Official Responses

The lifting of G-Dragon’s travel ban, coupled with the rejection of the arrest warrant for the alleged supplier, has sparked public outcry. Critics are questioning the police’s approach and the investigation’s continued direction under these circumstances.

Addressing these issues, a senior official from the National Police Agency spoke at a press conference on November 27. He emphasized that the investigation is still active, with all possibilities open until a final conclusion is reached. He highlighted that negative drug tests do not preclude the possibility of indictment if other evidence suggests drug use.

The official further clarified that there have been cases where, despite negative analysis results, the surrounding evidence clearly indicated drug use, leading to convictions. As the investigation into Lee Sun-Kyun and G-Dragon unfolds, the public and their fans are closely watching, eager for a transparent and fair resolution to these high-profile cases.

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