Yeri of RED VELVET Bravely Faces Health Challenge

RED VELVET’s Yeri has captured the hearts of fans not just with her talent, but now with her resilience. Yeri will undergo treatment for a herniated disc after the group’s intense promotions for their latest track, Chill Kill. She has been bravely battling the pain behind the scenes.

Yeri’s Health Struggle

Yeri’s health issues came to light following RED VELVET’s final performance on SBS’s Inkigayo. Fans expressed concern when they saw Yeri leave the stage immediately after the performance, indicating the seriousness of her condition. It was later understood that Yeri had been performing despite experiencing significant back pain.

Yeri’s condition’s severity became evident when she had to skip the live segment of the show for emergency medical treatment. Yeri’s commitment to her performance, despite experiencing pain, has deeply moved and inspired both fans and fellow artists. Irene, the group’s leader, was also absent from the segment, likely offering support to Yeri in her time of need.

Yeri’s Openness and Fan Support

In a true display of strength and transparency, Yeri attended a face-to-face fansign event, where she openly discussed her health issues. Yeri revealed to fans that the herniated disc was a result of the strenuous preparations for the group’s comeback. Yeri’s honesty about her current treatment and her plans for comprehensive care post-promotions have been met with an outpouring of support from fans.

Despite her challenges, Yeri’s commitment to her fans remained unwavering. She took to Bubble messages to update fans, expressing gratitude for their support and apologizing for her absence during the live show. This gesture has only deepened the admiration fans hold for her.

Yeri’s journey through this health challenge highlights not only the physical demands faced by K-Pop artists but also their incredible resilience. As she moves forward with her treatment, the support from her fans, known affectionately as ReVeluvs, continues to grow. They eagerly await her return to the stage, healthy and stronger than ever, ready to captivate audiences with her undeniable spirit and talent. Get well soon, Yeri!


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