Vigilante Episode 3 – Recap and Review


Vigilante Episode 3, titled opens with a compelling narrative where individuals, inspired by the Vigilante, decide to enforce justice themselves. This episode explores the moral complexities and societal impact of vigilantism.

Emergence of Copycat Vigilantes

Vigilante Episode 3 – Copycat Vigilantes take matters into their own hands.

The episode commences with citizens, galvanized by the Vigilante’s actions, patrolling the streets at night. Their extreme actions include assaulting and even killing criminals who have slipped through the legal system.

This development triggers extensive media coverage, sparking heated debates on various talk shows. Public opinion sharply splits, with some defending vigilantism and others strongly condemning these violent acts.

Ji-Yong’s Alignment with Vigilante Ideals

The episode significantly focuses on Ji-Yong and his friends, who closely follow the news. In a rare agreement with Seon-Wook, Ji-Yong criticizes the judicial system’s inability to safeguard crime victims. This shows a shared sentiment with the vigilantes.

Police and Media’s Reaction to Vigilantism

Vigilante Episode 3 – Cho-Heon vows to arrest the Vigilante.

The story then shifts to the police force, particularly focusing on Cho-Heon, who is resolute in capturing the original Vigilante. The episode portrays the police struggling with public dissatisfaction and the emergence of copycat vigilantes. Journalist Mi-Ryeo is pursuing stories to draw the Vigilante’s attention, concentrating on a contentious truck driver case.

Ji-Yong’s Personal Quest for Justice

Ji-Yong’s journey becomes more personal as he utilizes Professor Joon-Yeob’s profiling files to identify potential targets. His discovery of the truck driver’s case, marked by a blatant lack of remorse, intensifies his anger and resolve to seek justice.

Amidst these events, life at the police academy continues. Ji-Yong, keeping a close watch on the truck driver, overhears a conversation that reinforces his belief in the driver’s culpability. However, the narrative takes an unexpected turn when the truck driver is mysteriously killed at a bathhouse, prompting questions about a new vigilante’s emergence.

Media’s Role in the Vigilante Narrative

Vigilante Episode 3 – Mi-Ryeo is frustraged that other news networks are covering the Vigilante.

Mi-Ryeo, frustrated by the unexpected developments, is determined to be the primary media contact for the Vigilante. Her station organizes a special debate on REPO25h, aiming to influence public opinion on vigilantism and the inadequacies of the legal system.

The Bold Declaration of the Copycat Vigilante

The episode escalates as the copycat vigilante sends a provocative message to the media, acknowledging his criminal actions but challenging the legal system to improve. This act ignites further discussion among the police academy students, with Ji-Yong and Seon-Wook concurring on the copycat’s lack of authenticity.

Police Investigation and Theoretical Analysis

The police, led by Captain Eun and Cho-Heon, scrutinize the recent killings, debating whether they are the work of the original Vigilante or a more sophisticated copycat. Professor Yeob proposes a theory that the copycat aims to validate the real Vigilante’s actions while simultaneously provoking him.

Mi-Ryeo’s Investigative Pursuit and Ji-Yong’s Personal Conflict

Mi-Ryeo continues her investigative efforts, convinced of the copycat’s involvement in the recent killings. Meanwhile, Ji-Yong confronts personal challenges when a beloved local figure, the ahjumma, is involved in a tragic accident, further igniting his drive for justice.

Climactic Confrontation and Mysterious Encounter

The episode reaches a climax with a tense confrontation at the hospital, where Ji-Yong, disguised as a doctor, confronts the ahjumma’s assailant. However, the copycat vigilante intervenes, leading to a fatal outcome. In a suspenseful twist, Ji-Yong encounters the masked copycat, ending the episode on a cliffhanger with the enigmatic words, “Nice to meet you, Ji-Yongah.”

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